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Click Member link to see site in tvI'm Downtown
Highly-caffeinated ramblings of a second year doctoral student who enjoys downtown living.

Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels
A little bit of this and that from a Lutheran pastor's perspective.

She finally gave in.
Reflections from a part time pastor and full time graduate student in New Testament.

House of Many Blessings
homeschool mom to 5 children and wife to confessional LCMS pastor

Saddle Up Grace
Writing and Reflections of a Canadian Cowboy and senior student at LTS Saskatoon. Riding real horses and doing real church.

Stumbling Lutheran

AC 24 - News from the Counter-Pietism Unit
The Rt. Rev. Jack Bauer blogs on AC 24 contra Pietism and liturgical schmaltz.

Unlikely Conversation
Always: Curious husband and dad looking at the world his daughters are growing up in through a Lectionary lens. Sometimes: Lutheran Preacher in Minnesota on the Edge in the Mid-Western Prairie and the ...

Lutheranica Medicinalis Ukrainiana
Mykola Danylov's editorial blog

That Lutheran Guy
Confessional, Conservative & Evangelical - Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Word Alone, Christ Alone!

ex tenebris lux
ex tenebris lux

Habakkuk's Complaint
Despite the title, I hope to not do much complaining. Most of this blog will be reactions and lists, thoughts and ideas. This blog will probably not intoduce anything new or be very deep. In fact, most ...

Lutheran Theology

Somewhere South of Somewhere
...where grace abounds to overflowing... where virtual community is enfleshed and real even across the miles...where we find ourselves on Holy Ground shacommunity what it means to be blessed, broken and ...

A Lutheran Beggar
Theological musings from a student of Scripture and all things Lutheran

Lutheran sermon Outlines

Confessional's Bytes
Tidbits of thoughts concerning what confessional Lutherans are facing today.

Doubt is Good
Still working out the wrinkles in this faith but enjoying the journey nevertheless.

Lutheran Mission resources
We are always explocommunity, experimenting and shacommunity resources to help you share Good News Jesus has given us. These resources have either been developed by or used by Lutherans as they live out ...

Funny Farm... My life as a SAHM to four small girls.
Status updates and general mayhem from a Stay-at-Home-Mom and LCMS Pastor's wife.

Comfort Ye My People
I started this blog in hopes to create a place of comfort and encouragement ducommunity times of trials and tribulations (eg: bereavement, chronic illness, depression, anxiety, and trauma).

The Life and Theology of Ryan, the Lutheran. A seminarian who has left the ELCA for the LCMS discusses theology and global Christianity.

God With Us
The Gospel of Jesus Christ as depicted in the stained glass windows of Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Farewell to Shadowlands
Reflections on the love that changes everything

It was regular practice in the medieval university for faculty and students to engage in the art of disputation. This blog presupposes the corporate nature of the theological enterprise, supposing that ...

Institute of Lutheran Theology
The blog for open theological discourse among all kinds of Lutherans.

Ex Uno Disce Omnes
"Ex uno disce omnes" translates to "from one we can judge the rest". God has lead me through the driest desert of American Evangelicalism unto the luxorious promise-land of Orthodox Lutheran Christianity. ...

Ping Pong and Tidbit
Two Lutheran theologians discussing religion and popular culture.

Skating in the Garden with High Heels under my Alb
One Lutheran Lady Pastor's outlook on the church, figure skating, gardening and life.

Writing about life, creativity, daily activities, blessings, grounded in a lutheran world view.

Jim's LFL Ramblings
Ramblings from current events and family happenings relative to the mission and vision of Lutherans for Life

The Blog of St. Mark
The home of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Duncanville, TX on the world-wide web. A source of Biblical, Lutheran sermons, quotations, Bible studies, theological papers, and links to other interesting reso ...

A blog devoted to the explanation and promotion of traditional Lutheranism.

The Shepherd's Study
The Shepherd’s Study was created to be a source of encouragement primarily for the busy Lutheran shepherd (a pastor, a teacher, a staff minister, a deacon, an elder, etc.). It is meant to be “A Place of ...

Rural Minister
RuralMinister.com's goal is to be a gathecommunity place to support one another in rural ministry. Weekly post in blogs, great discussions with rural ministers all around the world, and a section for you ...

Online journal of a spiritual journey during a summer sabbatical 2009

The Teachings of Matt Day
A somewhat weekly rant on current events, theological ideas, commentary on church decisions and sociological issues.

Teach Me Lord
Follow me as I read through the entire Bible. Join me as I attempt to learn more about Christ and what God's plan is for me.

Simul Iustis et Peccator
A blog about Social Ministry/Justice, Church History, and my life as an evangelical catholic Lutheran

Old GenXer, Lutheran Pastor, Father, and a member of the Husker Diospora, looking for ways to express myself while at the same time gathering lots of great ideas from you all.

Liberty Political and Religious Democratic and Lutheran Jeffersonian and Evangelical Catholic the blog of Paul Fox, History of The Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod, The Henkelites, A Libertarian, Agrarian, ...

Renascentes Musae:Luth. Higher Ed.
Renascentes Musae (reh-nah-SKEN-tays MOO-sigh). That's right. Reh-nah-SKEN-tays MOO-sigh. "The rebirth of the Muses," or, literally, "the Muses in the process of being re-born." That was Reformation-Era ...

Soul Munchies
I grew up in the ELCA and use this faith background as the lens through which I write. Using music, media and pop culture in general, I struggle with faith, theology, the role of religion in life, society, ...

on the road to Emmaus
A bilingual (English/Spanish) Blog about the historic Christian faith, truly evangelical and catholic, as shown in the confessions of the 1580 Book of Concord. I am a former bishop, partially and temporarily ...

ZMH Music
This is the blog of a Lutheran choral conductor, church musician, and composer. The site is primarily concerned with issues related to sacred choral and liturgical music. Posts will discuss the importance ...

prayer in downtown using psalms
a place to think about and read and pray, the starting point being the psalm of the day or week; the blog is merely a springboard to discussion and prayer...for example, in psalm 8: such powerful praise, ...

Musings About Faith
This is my pastoral blog. It includes reflections on the lectionary, the liturgy, music and other issues. I write a weekly reflection of the lectionary as a preview of my sermon. I also at times will ...