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Life, culture, theology, & politics through the eyes of a midwestern mom.

Die Schreiben von Schreiber
Blogging the theological and political ravings of a madman.

Philosophical thoughts about the Church and Christian life

Lutheran Confessions

A Pastor In the Parish
A Lutheran pastor seeks to reclaim the role of pastor as theologian. Excerpts and reflections meant to generate discussion and devotion are posted.

Red Bridges Home
This is a new blog, written by an aspicommunity writer. It's a place where I get to "ponder these things in my heart" in my walk with Christ.

Say It Another Way
the chief task of the preacher and the theologian is to pay careful attention to words, because, in doing so, we help ourselves and our listeners pay attention to The Word. To re-present the gospel... ...

Nachfolge - Following Christ in the Real World
This little blog is my space to publish sermons, articles, poetry and miscellany related to my vocation as a pastor, my calling as a follower of Jesus Christ and the world in which I live.

Transplant Minnesotan
Personal thoughts from a Christian, lover of animals, wife and musician

Living a life of paradox one day at a time.

The Heart of a Pastor
A place for devotions, ramblings from the heart, prayer support and community...all for the glory of God.

Unlikely Conversation: a Lectionary Blog
Always: Curious husband and dad looking at the world his daughters are growing up in through a Lectionary lens with Mondays. Sometimes: Lutheran Preacher on the Edge in the Mid-Western Prairie and the ...

Luther and the cast of Futurama team up with a LCMS pastor and his wife to comment on the important things like current events, beer, education, food, books, movies, and what ever catches our fancy

Confessions of a Lutheran Husker
Thoughts on faith, music, football, family, and just about anything else that catches my fancy. Saved by grace through faith, and living in God's country west of Omaha.

orthodoxy hunter
New Lutheran mom

Lutheran Hen
A Lutheran homeschooling mother talks about everyday life.

Prepare Ye
The journey of a 40+ football coach and recreation director prepacommunity to go to seminary and prepacommunity to join the ministry.

Southern Cross Reformer
Blog of the St Johns Lutheran Church Wollongong NSW Australia. Pastor John Strelans weekly messages available for download.

A Texas Lutheran's Voice for Middle East Peace
At A Texas Lutheran's Voice for Middle East Peace I share my contacts and resources for prayer, education and advocacy, seeking justice and peace in Palestine and Israel.

The Minnesota Lutheran
Inside the mind of a Lutheran pastor on Minnesota's lakes.

A Year in DC, Learning to Preach
i landed a seminary internship in dc. i don't really know how it happened. i am beyond any frame of reference and well beyond my comfort zone. i just keep reading, praying, teaching, and preaching. ...

Hunger Rumblings
The ELCA World Hunger staff blog about hunger, it's root causes, potential solutions, resources in the fight, and anything else that comes to mind and seems useful.

General ramblings of my call, as well as theological thoughts and conversation as we all journey to be opened.

You don't have to listen. I just like to talk.
ELCA pastor with a specialized call talking about life, motherhood, food, friends, the husband and whatever comes to mind.

Running with Rita
the epipahania of running with a little dog named rita.

Because I do not hope to turn again...
Personal reflections on faith, philosophy, and the arts.

Useless Rhetoric from a Parochial School Teacher
A general site of musings ranging from Confessional Lutheran thought, to my parochial teaching experiences, to the outdoors, to life in general

faith in community
Suburban Lutheran pastor musing on daily experiences, reflection on life as a pastor and as a person...

Law and Gospel
A second career seminarian/lawyer contemplates life and Luther

Christ In My Life
My thoughts on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and my observations on being reborn in Christ.

Relating Christianity to Aesthetics: Soli Deo Gloria A fresh discussion concerning Christian involvement with the arts, especially as it relates the philosophy of music in worship.

A City Called Heaven
Occasional reflections on life, God, people, politics, and the church.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
A long-time Lutheran homeschooling momma shares the amusing things she hears and about their life in general.

Arto Antturi
Pastor at the Helsinki Cathedral and the St Thomas Mass in Helsinki, Finland, I have been blogging in Finnish since March, 2006. I feel an urge to start posting in English, as well, as I feel strongly ...

The Wolf Pack
Blog of a Homeschooling, confessional Lutheran, military wife.

Angels and Quilt Pieces...Our Journey with a Katrina Family
New book! The story of one family from New Orleans. Come on this journey with them as they struggle to make a new life. Meet all the "angels" who gave them "pieces for their quilt".

Here I Stand
A Lutheran seminarian blogging stories about my experiences of faith, love, and family.

The Wittenberg Door
General theological analysis

Mountain View
Student, Intern Pastor, Chaplain; specializing in awe and proclamation for God. Other areas of interest: the bible, loving people, praying with my ears, apologizing to the Earth, talking less about what ...

The Bubble Bath Diaries
a personal blog by a classical musician

Claimed, Gathered and Sent
This is for journaling and journeying together. My journey has led me back to school to prepare for the ministry. I intend to go to the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg in Fall 2008. "Marked ...

Sarcastic Lutheran
The cranky spirituality of a postmodern gal: emerging church ala Luther

Resurrection Life
The blog of a Lutheran pastor and Christian subversive. Seeking to subvert the modern culture in radical ways.

LutheranChik's "L" Word Diary
Can a liturgically minded, lectionary-loving, link-collecting ELCA Lutheran laywoman find happiness and kindred spirits on the Internet? Ja, you betcha! "Here I blog; I can do no other; God help me." Soli ...

+ The Name of the Lord +
This Blog is for news, notes, sermons and such. I am also going to focus on the "Name of the Lord" devotions from Holy Scripture.

Beyond Capernaum
Taking the life of faith beyond familiar and safe confines.

Choral Reef: Music Under the Surface
Let's explore that which isn't immediately visible in music, faith and life...

My life is like my socks, full of stripes and color, sometimes with holes - but never bocommunity.

Grace Notes

Meandecommunity Lutheran
Posts of a Lutheran Pastor who is into theology, technology, music, and movies.