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Paper models may have lost some popularity for awhile but they have found some new life in recent years because of the internet which gives us access to all kinds of kits, information and even free models to print off at home!
This community is your best source for finding paper models of all kinds. We give you acess to free paper models, spacecraft paper models, paper modeling instruction and a lot more. Have a look around and prepare to have some fun!

Spacecraft Paper Models
Use Paper Models to build your own space exploration fleet. Use Model paper Spacecraft construction. Make paper models of the super tough robots out there explocommunity our solar system. Get NASA spacecraft, ...

Paper Model Directory
Paper Model Directory. A Directory of all kinds of Paper Models. Find tons of links to Paper Modeling. Family Directory. Submit Your Website. Exchange website directory. Link exchange. Add url, add ...

Find Origami Art
Origami Art and instructions available right here. Get all kinds of Origami paper, supplies, and step-by-step instructions and also Information about Origami Art. Use Easy and advanced Origami -The Art ...

We've Got Paper Models!
Find it all right here; Paper Models, Card Models. Paper Airplane Models. Paper Model Cars, Castles, Ships, Building, Trucks, Space, Animals and much more.

Paper Models - Fun With Paper!
Find Paper Models, Card Models,Paper Airplane Models, Paper Model Cars, Castles, Ships, Building, Trucks, Space, Animals and much more right here! You can even learn How to make Paper Models of all kinds ...

Bestpapermodels.com - Paper models
Find it all here like Paper models, Paper crafts, Cart model free download. Yes, that's right, you can download free or paid paper models from our site including aircrafts, cars, military, ships, weapons ...

Paper Models - A Whole World O' Fun!
When I first heard of paper models I can tell you that I pictured everything except what it actually was even though the name should be self explanatory!
Paper models are the models created from sheets of paper. Paper modeling is a broad term which also includes; card modeling and origami. Card modeling is the craft of making scale models from sheet card. Origami is the ancient craft and art of paper folding to make an animal or model of sorts.
Printed card models were highly used in the early twentieth century. This industry boomed during World War II because paper was not considered at the time as a concern for trees so the production of paper was not heavily regulated like it is now. Later Plastic models became so famous that interest from paper models decreased. The advantage of plastic models was that they come in small kits and are less likely to tear or break like paper.  The availability of down loading the designs and printing them out has stunted the sales of paper models. You can buy the kits from many different sites online for a reasonable price. You can also now buy software for your computer that can help you design paper models to print off on your own at home; Adobe illustrator, 3DS Max, Rhino 3D etc.

The most common things created out of paper crafts are buildings, animals, ship, aircrafts and monuments. In the twentieth century, paper crafts were even used to build the king’s and queen’s face. The design of a paper model is created by using paper prototyping. They are created with the use of computers so that time is saved at every stage of design and production. Another advantage is the cost, paper is still relatively in expensive and the computer is able to modify the existing paper model designs to create new ones.

Paper modeling is famous all over the world and although you can use technology to create your designs making them your self can be a real fun thing to do especially with your kids!  Online you can choose from a variety of sites that specialize in paper models; the card model shop specializes in paper models you can print off, Digital navy is another shop which deals only with naval ships in paper from World War II and before they are all designed by Roman Detny, Dolittle Raid specializes in B-25B card models, Lbirds.com offers in paper all of the aircrafts of World War II, Walden model makes the ship kits and prototype sell kits for all prototype cars. 

The technique of putting together paper models can be tricky or easy depending on the paper model to be used. People, statues, aircrafts and models of all types can be easily designed through the use of paper modeling. There are user’s guides available online and in stores to show you the steps to cut the paper in the right way and then how to roll those parts to fit together and make the model. Paper modeling is very creative and very fun to work with and people of all ages love to do it and it’s definitely a step above making a paper airplane!