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A Community for Pagan Women and their Internet sites.

Folkwitch's Pagan Garden
A witchy pagan primer, with art, music, and information about many aspects of the Craft, including sabbats, esbats, ritual and ritual tools, useful links, and a gallery!

Morgan's Door
All about Morgan Garda, High Priestess of the Virtual Coven of the Dragon

Cave of the Word Witch
This site is dedicated to Pagan spirituality expressed through creativity of all kinds, especially writing.

21st Century Witches
21st Century Witches is a Pagan public relations site intended to show the world how normal Pagans really are. There are essays, photos of real Pagans and links to other sites where readers can find out ...

The Realm of Aurora Amethyst Rose
My personal website dedicated to Paganism. It features my personal path, a bit of information on paganism, astrology and other things which I see fit.

Firebug Central
Firebug Central is based on the premise that all religions are created equal. While not everyone agrees with our opinions, we express them in the hopes that it will help others to open their eyes.

GypsyWitch - Discover Magick: Learn, Create, Divine, Worship
A site about myself and my personal interests, including, but not limited to, poetry, Tarot, Wicca, and the Occult.

My Spiritual Pages
A site where I like to collect things as I learn about paganism. There's also an ever-growing section with legends, sagas & fairy tales, on being a scorpio, oodles of vegetarian and vegan recipes, recycling ...

The UnCoven of the Solitaries
This is a semi-private group for self-described solitaries, their friends and/or significant others, run by Persephone Yavanna the Entwife and based in the New York City greater metropolitan area. The ...

Blue Orchid
This is a site dedicated to the god and goddess. It's purpous is to inform people about many facets of Paganism. It goes into detail about: tools, faeries, oils, herbs, scrying, sabbats, poetry, elements, ...

Artist By Design
My site produces art work for shirts, jackets at present. Soon to produce wall covecommunitys and window glass stick ons.

Witches Gathecommunity
We are healers and protectors of ancient secrets and natural lore in Sacramento, California. We honor the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and we work with plants, stones, and cosmic energies to ...

Falynne's Place Of Celtic Paganism
Personal site pertaining to my cetic heritage. Offecommunity detaield information about the Celts and the Salem Witch Trials.

Wiccan Magick I
Personal site of a solitary lady Wiccan - Celtic/faery magick. Unique Tarot decks.

Country Witching
The musings, pondecommunitys and whims of a country witch as she starts her small farm over from scratch. Come with me as I share my step by step processes, my frustrations at set backs (there are always ...

Musings on life, art, love, and spirituality. Book of Shadows: poetry, chants, and Faery magick for the pure of heart.

Just a little inspiration on your path :o). German and English.

Wiccan Magick Shack
Merry Meet! Ritual supplies for wiccans, and handmade items made by a wiccan, for fellow wiccans. I have ritual oils, soaps, hand carved rune stones and am always working on new items for my shop. Blessed ...