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This is a community to join pagan journals together with common interests. Each member will be expected to participate in a monthly collaborative project and vote on new sites submitting to the community. Check out the website for further rules and regulations before submitting to the community.

The home page for the PaganSpeak community and collaborative group

Wolfwing: Spiritual Journey
The journaling of a personal spiritual journey. (But aren't all spiritual paths personal?)

Raging Insecurities of a Middle Aged Witch
An online journal to explore who I am, where I've been, where I'm going, and everything in between

color-me-in sky
be a poet about it. in the words of a young pagan, lesbian woman.

Wild Forests
An Australian pagan and witch writes about her spiritual path and discoveries, ritual, meditation, spellcraft, moon cycles and deity.

Lucifer light