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Click Member link to see site in tvCables and Wool
Just a blog of a Boston guy who knits and is Pagan

The Nocturnal Knit Witch
Yarn, dogs, daily life.... ;0)

Cerridwen's Knitting Blog
The blog of an obsessive knitter, kayaker, and British Traditional/Gard

Stickat o virkat
My page about my knitting mostly but it might sneak in some other things too ;)

Knit Errant
Blog of a binge-crafting Asatruar. Knit, crochet, chainmaille, beadwork, and whatever else seems fun at the time.

Divinely Entwined
A blog about me, my thoughts and my crafts.


Lana Knits
A blog/journal on my craftiness, beliefs and daily life.

life. love. yarn. ... and other bits and snippets of life, too. oh yeah, and free patterns!

Need More Fiber
I think everyone needs more fibers - and not just nutritional fibers, but textile fibers... The world would be a better place if people were doing crafts instead of other things. I talk about my crafting, ...

Life art yarn & baby poop
Slightly crazed ramblings of a sleep deprived who somehow finds time to knit, crochet, & blog while feeding & burping the kid (and wonders if baby poop makes a stable art medium)


Real life stories of the witch and her dye kettle.

Hippy Mama Knits
Busy stay at home mom to three who loves to knit and try new things.

Tygher Knits
Not a very good blog about not a very good knitter. But I keep trying to get better.

Knitting, sewing and everyday life of one crafty solitary witch of Wiccan origins! ^^

Rachel's Ramblings
Knit, socks, free pattern, Iowa

Knitting and Other Errata in Southern Maryland
Just a blog by a stay at home mom who knitts and spins in Southern Maryland

White Willow

Goddess Knits
My blog about my life and ups and downs of owning my own business. About my original knitwear designs, Goddess Knits.

Knitting and Pittsburgh (aka Blitzburgh) collide!!!

Personal blog focusing on general crafting, primary focus is knitting.

Bohemian Knitter Chic
A collection of a new knitters projects, past, present and future as well as links to helpful sites and other cool bloggers.

Chelsea's Photojournal
I try to write something every day, with a photo related to my day. I knit every day, but tend to only post something knitting related two or three times a week. Same with the pagan activities. Don't ...

Then the Crow went "AWE!", in return to my calls.
All things crafty (and then some) from a Goddess worshipping crafting fanatic.

Knit Moka
The keywords say it all. We're an unschooling, Pagan Family. I knit, spin, and craft whenever possible.

Carey's Cats
It contain snippets of whatever is happening on most days: experiments the kids tried that backfired, my knitting projects, rants and raves etc. Pretty much whatever I decide to write about.

Laura and her favorite things
Just your average witch shacommunity the magic of her favorite things.

My Stash and I
Bilingual confesssions of a knitting anarchist (and a pagan as well)

As I Knit, So Shall I Rip
experience the naviete' of a middle age liberal woman who believes that she can self teach herself to knit and the travesties of the pursuit....plus daily bitching and whining thrown in for good measu ...

Periwinkle Frog Knits
knitting, crocheting, and ramblings of the periwinkle frog

Beckie Tetrault

Knit Happens! Confessions of a yarn pervert

Quickly Unraveling
Knitting and other hobby related posts.

I am a geek, but also a pagan. I don't blog a lot about that side of my life, but it pops up.

Tejiendo, qu ms?
Mi blog de tejido. Quiero compartir mi actividad favorita, el tejido a dos agujas y el crochet o ganchillo, como mas les plazca. Nos vamos a encontrar "Tejiendo, qu ms?"

The musings and adventures of a thirty-something pagan homesteader, knitter, and artist in the wilds of western Oregon

Pins and Pickaxes
Personal blog of a London based archaeology student and handknitter.

Carina Danesi
Mom in her thirties dealing with 2 teenagers, 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 husband and surgical menopause while being generally crafty in Pittsburgh.

Yesterday's Makeup
I'm a 40-some yo mom of 4, following the Wiccan path and knitting every day :)

off-gridding crazy sheep-raising strange woman who spins, knits, and whips the house into shape in Maine

Knitting With Athena
This is the blog of a devotee of Athena Ergane, the Divine Workerwoman. It will concern her personal knitting and other crafts as well as her forays into representational art.

Princess Emerald
A little knitting, a little witchy, a lot of me!

Knit Witch
Knitting and bewitching in rural Montana.

The meandecommunity journey of a Pagan and her needles.

Knitted Specks
A fiber obsessed woman and the story of her obsessions and family.

Jackalibis' Yarn Crafts
A blog dedicated to the yarn crafting by Jackalibis. Includes knitting, crochet and more.

A place for disabled and handicapped knitters/crocheters to get together to meet new people, make new friends, chat, share patterns or even just to show off our love for the craft(s)...