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A community for all the Pagan knitters out there. This community is for personal sites, not for businesses. Pagan friendly people of other religions are welcome too.

Ave Trivia Imperatrix!
A blog about yarn, cats, sports, and other important things.

Stitch Witch
Where I chronicle whatever fiber related mayhem I'm creating at the moment (as well the chaos that is the rest of my life)

Urbanpagan Knits

Everyday ramblings of your average Witch searching for magick in everything she encounters.

Crafty Neko
My craft blog.

Pagan Knitter

Can be a bit random at times, but it's my knitting blog. I'm off and on with my hobbies. I have so many so they all have to take turns. I'm trying to make it all nice for everyone.

Another blog about life and crafts especially by a pagan mother living in Stockholm, Sweden with husband, son, two spinningwheels, tons of fiber, fabric, books, yarn and whisky. Mostly in swedish.

Me, my life, my faith, my yarn...

Knitting Soul
The adventures of a newbie knitter

Crafty, even without scissors!
I knit, I spin, I dye, I pine, I perish... doesn't this sound like another profile? Anyway, here's all the fun of my fiber-a-holicness and how my husband, our three cats and our turtle deal with me.

Kittens, Knitting, and Random Blah
Tales of kittens, knitting, and random blah.

Frog in Knots
Knitting, knots and frogging.

Psychedelic Armadillo
I just started knitting, but I really love it. I may start spinning my own fibers soon.

FaerieLady Knits

Knitting, life and other nonsense.

The community home page.


Krazi Knitter's Place
My adventures into knitting to help control the inner chaos!

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, crocheting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all.

the mogs blog, journey of a cat through yarn
a journey of a cat through yarn

To sleep, perchance to dream, of knitting.

The Scattered Gemini
The Random thoughts from one Scattered Gemini. Join me on my whacky daily journey inside the four walls of my home where i live, work and do most of my knitting. It's quite a trip. ;)

Teyla's Reality
I am currently living in the unpredictable weather state of Michigan. Is it snowing yet!! Which means mittens, scarf and hat weather. Currently enrolled in the life program called Yarn Slut. There is no ...

The Bloomin' Basket
Where I prop my feet up and enjoy my tea and yarning.