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SORRY. THIS RING IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERSHIPS AT THIS TIME. Purpose is to support professional consulting astrologers, web sites offecommunity appreciable astrological content, schools offecommunity structured instructional programs, recognized professional astrology organizations, astrology clubs and organized membership groups, astrology publishers and book sellers. Professional Astrology Web-Community will offer those seriously interested in Astrology a guide to the best of everything the internet has to offer about the science-art Astrology.

Wind and Sky – Medieval Natal Astrology
Jonathan James practices Medieval Astrology (non-psychological) and is a DMA -- graduate of Robert Zoller's rigorous Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology. Mr. James specializes in natal horoscope interpretation ...

Astro Insight
Monthly financial markets, world events and individual predictions,articles,personal consulting..and more

Sue Ward's Astrology Pages
Primarily offecommunity articles and courses on traditional horary astrology. Students of traditional astrology find material of interest to all levels and abilities.

Soul Food Astrology
Natori Moore's Soul Food Astrology provides astrological articles, chart consultations by telephone or e-mail, book recommendations and a monthly New Moon forecast.

Online College of Astrology
Study astrology from your home computer! Weekly classes are conducted in online classrooms with instructors, who also give you one-on-one feedback on each lesson. The Preliminary Education Department offers ...

Annabel Burton Astrology
Annabel Burton is a professional UK based Consultant Astrologer.{;}Find exciting astrology articles and info, free horoscopes, my free afilliates scheme, secure online ordecommunity of character profiles, ...

Astrological Consulting
Astrological Consulting specializes in private counsel from the point of view that we create our reality as the product of our definitions and beliefs.

Astrological Roadmaps and Signs of Intelligence
Astrological information,articles, forum, chat area, daily forecast, and consultation services by Beth Guy

Bill Herbst: Astrologer
The site is a distillation of my writings and thought about astrology and astrological interpretation. I offer personalized taped readings and a free newsletter. Soon my books and a collection of my articles ...

Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry
IRAI integrates the professional services of a ma and pa astrology service that has been non-electronic for 25 some years and now have gone electronic with resources available about astrology. Throughout ...

Big Sky Astrology
San Diego astrologer April Elliott Kent offers astrological articles, services, and tutorials with an emphasis in eclipse cycles and information for the practicing astrologer.

Study Astrology with Louise Fimlaid
Anyone who is looking for an Astrology teacher or instruction in metaphysical subjects will find many courses available on this site. Also available are articles, books, tapes, reports, personal individual ...

Get a Real-Astrologer Horoscope Reading
Over 100 FREE original Astrology articles by certified professional consultant astrologer Elbert Wade, PMAFA. What's your rising sign? Learn - use easy ascendant table. Find what day of the week you ...

Widget's Astrology World
Several hundred astrological articles in a searchable directory. Free Compatability Reports. AstroQuiz. Free Natal birthchart Calculator, Freeware Astrological Font. Zodiacal greetings cards. I-Ching Oracle. ...

Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock is an {;}attorney and traditional{;}astrologer specializing{;}in Renaissance horary and{;}electional astrology and{;}the astrological magic {;}of Marsilio Ficino and{;}Cornelius Ag ...

J. Lee Lehman Astrologer
This site provides information, downloads, courses and articles on classical astrology, as well as info on consultations. This is also where you can find info on Solar Maps, Solar Spark, Solar Writers, ...

The Shadowdance and the Astrological Seventh House
To encourage the understanding and integration of the “Shadow” based on Carl G. Jung’s theories, Rebeca Eigen, uses astrology (the 7th House, i.e. marriage, partnerships and open enemies), psychology ...

Aquamoonlight Astrology
For beginners to understand their birthchart and its meaning to advanced techniques using Arabic Parts, Fixed Stars etc. Also Horary and Medical astrology and much more.

tarot + astrological consultation + daily inspiration

Loving Light Astrologer
Astrology Services and Articles