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A community for women who have their own personal websites.

this little life of mine
Welcome to my personal web space!

Basil Web
This is my personal homepage about me and my intrest's. Here you will also find links to my business page Basil Designs.

Women's Communitys
This page is where I list all the women's groups that I belong to. There's also a link to my Home Page

Courtney Colour's Corner
My site is all about me and my interests which include music, coloucommunity, poetry and uplifting quotes.

Torunn's Home Page
It's personal and have pictures of the kids in the family. I have tried to keep it in a Romantic/Victorian, style. I have Angels and Holiday pages. I do love my Cyber Home. And I have worked with it a ...

Michelle Kwan A Skating Angel
This site is dedicated to a true skating angel Michelle Kwan

Shari's communitys
My community page as links to my sites, globes, calling cards, graphics, my personal homepage, midis and more. Visit me and sign my guestbook. I'll pay you a visit too! *S*

Celtic Women's Community
A community open to all women of Celtic ancestry - a place to kick back and relax and network with others with similar interests and concerns - Come on over.....

Journey Through The Mists
Come take a journey through the mists to Shining Isle ~ a place to recapture innocence and dreams. Blessed be all who enter here, for each one is a traveller on the path of enchantment and discovery.

Ellen's Paradise
Just a friendly little homepage!!!

Porcelain Dolls By Evelyn Stanbury, GMDM
All about Porcelain dolls, doll making and just plain dolls. Lots of beautiful pictures of dolls. Meet my family. Enjoy my dollhouse. Lots of things to see and enjoy. NEW! Victorian Porcelain Christmas ...

Andrea's Home on the Web
This is a personal site with a little information on me and my home in Saskatchewan, Canada. I completed a high school exchange to Denmark with AFS - American Field Service - learn about the program at ...

There Is A Season
A place about time and the ways we mark it.

(fd?) fantastic dreams?
An online journal of random dreams (not all of them real...most of them not real), ranting, delusions, lectucommunity, and angst essays. All on eclectic topics, not making sense. Maybe bits of fiction, ...

Cola Republic
The cola republic is a net addicts haven: there are cliques to join, communitys to surf, campaigns to support, awards to win and many adopted pets to visit. Get your passport stamped while you're there ...

Serenade's Place
Visit Community Central where you'll find a list of the 50+ communitys that I manage and the 100s to which I belong. Please come join! Other sections: the Kitchen (filled with low-fat recipes), Living ...

Emerald's Communitys
Angels and Graphics

broken hearts still sing

Esmeralda's Homepage
A little bit of evrything*(~_~)*{;}But child friendley.

Chatelaine's Keep
Chatelaine's Keep is a place to stop in sit back and relax for a few moments and enjoy yourself. You will have lovely music to listen to plus see some fabulous art, original poetry and much more.

All about my favorite bear, Winnie the Pooh.

Mary's Enchanted Garden
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With angels' wings and faery things and lots to see and do!

BLUE'S LAGOON is a fantasy realm designed to take away the stress of the world. Come and explre my fantasy world, dare to discover your inner child.

Shadow's Homepage
I have greetings and adoptions for all to use and send!

SiSter in SPiRiT!
A warm and friendly place containing many things of interest to women. Included in the SiSters in SPiRiT group and website pages you'll find... contests, games, information resources on lots of topics, ...