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This community is designed for the authors and creators of Otaku (fan-created) Sailor Moon characters. If you've made up a Sailor Senshi and have written fanfiction about them, please come join us!

Tiger's Refuge
A place for you to sit back and enjoy some poetry or a Sailor Moon fanfic. Also has Sailor Moon music, cliques, and more!

Tower of Time: Otaku Senshi
This is the Tower of Time. Here we tell the legacies of those senshi long forgotten. All senshi have a{;} purpose, just not all of them were meant to be known, their stories hidden. We have searched ...

...Apollo 20...
A site about my fanfiction character, Sailor Apollo/Koodori Akikaze

Star Racers
A girl named Mikka Kazuki has to fight evil to save the world! But there's more....

Sailor Moon Z - Tales of the Zodiac Senshi
Enter the Zone of Sailor Moon Z. Meet the Sailor Zodiacs...Some good, some evil...and learn the story of thier Wars and the struggle with the Black Stars.

SilverMoon's Otaku World
SilverMoon's Otaku World is a site based on my otaku senshi, the Silver and Galixy senshi. It has gallerys, fanfics, and request-a-pic for your own otaku senshi!

~midnight star*peridot star~
it is a site about otaku senshi's.{;}they are called the "rainbow gemstone scouts"

Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Gemstone
A fanfic that picks up AFTER the anime storyline of Sailormoon Stars. It explains how Usagi/Serena comes to be Neo Queen Serenity and the trials that test her along the way.