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Buying Real Estate in The Pretty Ol' Land of Oregon
Oregon is known as one of the most beautiful of the American states and with a scenic and downright breathtaking landscape that ranges from one extreme to another thanks to glaciated mountains, ever green forests and desert regions, it’s no surprise that Oregon real estate is the hot ticket that it is.

Located in the northwest region of the USA; he area that came to be known as Oregon was named in 1849 as the thirty-third state of USA. Oregon is occupied by Washington in North and California in south. The state capital of Oregon is Portland, which is thirtieth largest city of USA. Oregon If you are thinking of buying real estate in Oregon then you are thinking of one of Americas finest areas. But before you think of buying anywhere you need to investigate the area to make sure it suits you and your family and once place to start is with the educational system and opportunities. The Oregon university system has seven public Universities and one at state level, there are also seventeen community colleges. Recently, Oregon has been reported as having to cut their higher education fund due to funds being used elsewhere in poorer areas within the state. Some of the more prestigious colleges and universities include; University of Portland, Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon health and science technology, Pacific University and Forest grove. There are almost two hundred primary schools at district level in Oregon.

So where can one have a closer look at Oregon real estate without having to make the trip? Well there are a few great internet sites that you can look at: move2oregon.com. This site allows you to search your new home by area, by price and by the amount of reception rooms or bed rooms. Whatever preferences you have or dream of then the site can cater for you every need without you having to do all of the leg work. Another online site which offers you a fantastic experience is: realestateoregon.com, this site also offers you all of the local news that may affect your decisions on moving to the area. They also offer a full and extensive list of all the estate agents in the Oregon area. Also another site that may be of interest is: realestate.oregonlive.com, this site features a virtual tour around all of the homes they are advertising within Oregon and the surrounding areas. They too list all of the available estate agents in the area. They also feature special spotlight homes. They have a very good search engine that is perfect for searching by location, price and local amenities. 

There are also free magazines available for Oregon real estate which includes local auctions where you can pick up some real bargains. Moving to Oregon and buying a home there is one of the best things you and your family can do. Oregon is a beautiful place to live and to raise a family and can offer you the fresh start that you just may be looking for.