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The OpenRPG community was created to help people using the OpenRPG roleplaying tool find other players and/or games and to build a larger OpenRPG community.{;}{;}Only sites with information related to OpenRPG will now be accepted.

Defenders of the Faith
Home of the Defenders of the Faith campaign, a GURPS Prime Directive game being played online with the OpenRPG roleplaying software. Visit the site for adventure logs, character stats, and more!

Temple of Evil Campaign
An OpenRPG D&D 3.5 campaign, based on the Temple of Elemental Evil module, with plenty of modification.

Mini Mayhem
Mini Mayhem hosts minis with transparent backgrounds, help files for openrpg, adventure nodes (upcoming), rules nodes for D & D and more!

A Players World
Online Campaign called Grand Galovinius World Campaign. We play all D&D versions, as well as other RPG's. The website is full of historic facts, downloads,DM & Player tips,and too much more to describe ...

The RPG Registry is designed to help you find other players, games, and special events in your area or using the online game tool of your choice.{;}

Wild Art Wrestling
WAW is the internet's first and best{;}Wrestling RPG with maps, dice, rules, and minis. We have had over 50 players,{;}and over 100 games. If you want to create a fighter and try to survive in a Wrestling ...

The 8.3 Convention
The 8.3 Convention is a site dedicated to providing those "optional extras" that people want in OpenRPG. All those new and interesting upgrades that are not in the main program.

Weekly Ethshar AD&D Game
Ethshar is a weekly 1st/2nd Edition AD&D game and campaign that is held every Saturday, 3pm-6pm EST (noon-3pm PST) using OpenRPG. Show up every week, once a month or once in a blue moon: each session is ...

Grey's Castle
This site has the largest collection of 2nd Edition D&D material on the Net... And it keeps growing with more additions to download and use...

RPG Finder
Help Guests Find and uderstand RPGs

Wrath of Nodes
A collection of nodes for people to use, and share.{;}

The Holy Wars
Site to a D&D 3e campaign set in a unique world, details of the campaign world, adventures, and the adventurers in my campaign

Tamerthya is an RPG site devoted to supporting OpenRPG. Here you can find a mini-library, a map library, free tiles you can download to keep, and help with OpenRPG, if you need it.Tamerthya is also home ...

The official openrpg site.

Rifts: Broken Cities
This site is home to a Rifts campaign played online via OpenRPG.

Battle Maps
A page of the CSP (Cooked Staff Productions) website that is home to a selection of full colour maps for use with OpenRPG.

Digital Elysium
Digital Elysium is a server for OpenRPG. We welcome rookie and veteran RPGers alike. We support good times by providing our own forums, a rpg web profiler, event calender, and a voicechat server. We also ...

Mayhem Gaming
An online gaming community dedicated to teaching OpenRPG, online gaming of all genres and systems. Mayhem Gaming is a public games server and provides permanent game rooms, forum boards and a team speak ...

City of Meade
Evolving Campaign Setting inspired by official and unofficial Dungeons and Dragons and AD&D material. Site Launch Date: May 11, 2008

An all access forums for anything gaming related, for all your gaming needs. Game hosting, character hosting, resources, information, play by chat's, play by post's, OpenRPG information, personal forums, ...

The Triad RPG
The world of Aeon, a land of elves, dragons, dwarves and more.... ...ravaged by the undead. A horrible plague strikes across Aeon, and the dead rise to feast on the warm flesh of the living. The Triad, ...

The Triad RPG
The world of Aeon, a land of elves, dragons, dwarves and more.... ...ravaged by the undead. A horrible plague strikes across Aeon, and the dead rise to feast on the warm flesh of the living. The Triad, ...

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