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The Open Minds Community is a community created for those who are not afraid to think. Everyone of every spiritual path, belief, religion, or way of thinking is welcome to join. Whether you are a Witch, Pagan, Satanist, Christian, Chaoist, Discordian, or Atheist (etc.), you are welcome to join this community. Whether your site is

Spiral and Joker's Mystikal Journeys
{;}Come to our site with an open mind about 2 peole who met as soul mates and now travel the U.S.A. meeting other people with open minds

The Spiritual Sanctuary
The Spiritual Sanctuary is dedicated to interspirituality. Members from all over the world of all faiths come together to share feelings, knowledge and inspiration of all matters spiritual. come feel ...

A well respected resource for the spiritually aware

The Truth Tree
Open forum for poetry and stories of an atheist or questioning flavor, but all are welcome.

Crystals by Rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program cleanse and charge your crystals. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. Some crystals and gemstones ...

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

It's an Insane World
A humorous yet informative blog that encourages and embraces the traditional value of Free debate. Covers a wide array of controversial topics including abortion, religion, and politics.