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for all who served

Connecticut Rolling Flags, Inc.
Connecticut's "Unique Color Guard on Wheels" dedication to two adopted MIA's and to Cindy M. Beaudoin, KIA Desert Storm, Feb. 28, 1991

Welcome To NAM
Namvet's Marine's

Lest We Forget
Dedicated to all veterans, especially those who still await their homecoming.{;}Honor pages for Maj. Peter P. Pitman, USAF, Col. Robert A. Stewart, USAF and Maj. Eugene L. Wheeler, USMC

The Winds Of War
A tribute to War Horses, and all forgotten veterans. History, stories, photos, horse lovers links, and lake applets.

Carl Johnson's POW page
POW site dedicated to my POW's Walter Wrobleski and Luiz Holquin.

Iowa's POW/MIA's
Dedicated to Iowa's POW/MIA's

In Honor of Michigan POW/MIAs and My Adopted POW-MIA, Louis Buckley, Jr.
Information and links about Michigan POW-MIA soldiers including my adopted POW-MIA, Louis Buckley, Jr.

I am just now in the beginning stages of my veterans/POW/MIA pages but would like to join OBF so that I can get a better grasp of what I need to do to get yet another veteran's voice heard.

A Tribute: Let Us Remember and Be Grateful
A series of pages dedicatd to POW-MIAs that is part of my family genealogy web site. Includes a general POW-MIA page and individual pages dedicated to each of my POW-MIAs. as well as links to my brothers ...

Terri's Service Page
My site is all military and I have 3 POW/MIA"s on there and mostly a tribute to the vets and poetry.

Tribute to all Veterans, especially the POW/MIA's and Vietnam Veterans. Also applets in tribute.

My 2nd POW/MIA
My home for my adopted pow/mia George Andrews Howes.

My 3rd POW/MIA (Donald Gene Carr)
My home for my 3rd adopted pow/mia Donald Gene Carr.

Rodney Griffin POW/MIA
Rodney Griffin was on a Huey helicopter{;}that was shot down and made an emergency{;}landing in Cambodia, all survived the crash. Rodney was last seen in tall elephnt grass ficommunity at the enemy. Some{;}of ...

Steven Adams, Pararescue,USAF,POW-MIA
Steven Adams was on a pararescue mission{;}to pick up a downed pilot in the Gulf of{;}Tonkin North Vietnam. The pilot was rescued and the jet fighter escorts returned to Da Nang air Base, the rescue{;}aircraft ...

Honocommunity Audrain County Missouri Vetrans
Honocommunity Vetrans from Audrain County Missouri,mainly Vietnam,address Korean{;}war and Desert Storm Vets. It also address the POW/MIA issue.Best viewed with microsoft internet Explorer.

A Memorial Page for our adopted POW-MIA-KIA to help bcommunity awareness to the POW-MIA-KIA of the Viet Nam War issues.

VFW Post 461
Website for VFW Post 461, Perrine, Florida.

This site is dedicated to all veterans wishing free claims representation from a seasoned accredited VSO with 28 years experience. Gary S. Champe and Neal Golden are my webmasters and I have pages about ...

A Little History.....
A Tribute to my husband who served on the River Patrol Boats, Mekong Delta Vietnam in 1967, and to all Veterans of the Armed Services....Special pages to our POW/MIA's and a Memorial Page...Linked to my ...

My Adopted POW/MIA: Major James M. McGarvey of the USMC
This portion of my website is dedicated to my adopted POW/MIA, Major James M. McGarvey of the USMC.

Colonel Charles E. Shelton - The Last POW
Colonel Charles E. Shelton, was a football hero, a committed patriot, warrior, father and The Last Vietnam POW. Visit us and learn more then just his war record, but who he and those close to his heart ...

Sooner Marines
My personal site. On it is a tribute to Carpenter's Mate Third Class Harold Orton Todd, who perished on the USS Indianapolis in 1945. Lots of links to Veterans', military, POW-MIA, Oklahoma Sooners, ...

POW/MIA tribute page!

Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attack, World Trade Center, Pentegon, American Airlines 11, American Airlines 77, United Airlines 175, victims, survivors, anthrax, Americas day of Tragedy. Help, Email, extra ...

Pops Place
Tribute to Americas Veterans with special emphsis on The POW/MIA Bcommunity Them Home Aspect. Site is still under construction but well underway.

1974 Vietnam 1975
My web site is for all men and women who have served honorably in the U.S. military.

CDR Dunlop - My adopted POW/MIA
One of my adopted POW/MIA. All gave some, some gave all!! Till all our soilders come, standing guard!

Larry C Thornton~Lost But Not Forgotten
This is my site dedicated to the memorty of Larry C. Thornton who was "lost" in Laos on Christmas Eve. 1965 ducommunity the Vietnam war!

1964 Vietnam 1975
My site is for all veterans, men and women, who have served or are now serving in the U.S.Armed Forces

All 4 Jesus - Adam's Web
A site dedicated to Christ and Veterans. I recently created honor pages for each of Florida\'s 67 POW/MIA - 66 From Vietnam, 1 from Desert Storm (Cdr Speicher USN)

Patriot Pages
Patriot pages with links to numerous sites devoted/related to POW/MIA/KIA, our military and how to support our troops and their families. Also included are pages of \"adopted\" soldiers from various conflicts ...

Remembecommunity Vietnam
A site dedicated to Vietnam Vets and to the POW/MIA of all our wars.

Join, Spreading, Word, Educating People, Heroes
Join, spreading, word, educating people, heroes.

Place a U.S. flag beside the name of your veteran who has passed away either by natural causes, by accident, or K.I.A. in a war, or place a POW/MIA flag by the name of any veteran who has been taken POW/MIA ...

My Operation Just Cause Adopted POW/MIA. U.S.N. Commander Harley Hubert Hall is my Hometown POW/MIA from Vancouver, Washington. Flew an F4-E Phantom Fighter Jet, who was shot down 15 minutes before the ...