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Opereation Black Flag is an organiztion dedicated to the POW/MIAs from all wars. We invite all to join us in spreading the word, educating people and remembecommunity the heroes that have been sadly forgotten by so many.

Operation Black Flag
This is the home page for Operation Black Flag. We are dedicated to educating people regading the POW/MIA issue and getting a true and accute accounting of our missing heroes. Please join us in our efforts. ...

Lonewolfe's Lair

To Wear a Bracelet. A Tribute to Edward Willing
This page honors POW/MIA Edward Willing. USMC.

Comrades In Arms
My page is a tribute to all servicemen and women of all branches and{;}of all of the wars we served in to keep our country free. And to those who{;}sacrificed their lives to make America the greatest country ...

Bravo 2/27
My site includes the following ,information on PTSD and service organizations,poems,My POW-MIA page,photos,favorite links, and more.My URL direct to my POW-MIA page is http://www.geocities.com/wolfhou ...

DaKoTa's Mountain
A 3 tour Vietnam Veterans web site featucommunity strong themes on Veterans, POW/MIA, Military and Government issues. With over 100 pages, this site offers something for everyone.

to honor thee hero's of America & let all know they are not forgotten+

A Tribute To WO Wade L. Ellen, US Army, Vietnam
A tribute to my adopted POW/MIA, WO Wade L. Ellen, US Army, Vietnam. POW/MIA site links, poems, famous quotes, letters, awards, communitys, correspondence to my govt officials

Nancy's Tribute to Our Veterans
To bcommunity awareness of the fact that many American prisoners of war were left behind. Helping to make a difference so future veterans will not be left behind should they become POW/MIA. Also find info ...

my adopted pow/mia
A salute and vigil to Commander Saavedra who is still listed as MIA.

Some Of Our Heros
Some of the Heros of our Nation from Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy.{;}

1st Cav Medic (Airmobile)
This site is dedicated to the medics named on the Vietnam Memorial Wall {;}and to the men with whom I served in the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry. There are 4 medics listed as MIA/POW. There stories are found ...

In The Wind
This site gives a brief history to why there are POW/MIAs and also informing about the Canadian Vietnam Veterans and our 7 MIAs.

Bosque Valley Ladies Auxiliary Military Order Purple Heart
We are an informative wed site where other veterans can get information from the VA, VFW and MOPH. we try to get alittle information about our Ladies Auxiliary in there also.

My Adopted POW/MIA
A page on my adopted pow/mia.

Debbies' MIA/POW Page
My site is dedicated to my MIA/POWs. I have 2 and I also have a Memorial page dedicated to Vietnam Veterans in memory of my husband. I have links to Vietnam sites and other sites dedicated to a great ...

My POW/MIA Index
This site is an index of my adopted POW/MIAs, with links to their pages, as well as my other military related sites.

A Tribute to Eleanor Ardel Vietti
A tribute page about Eleanor Vietti, missing since 30May62.

POW/MIA Tribute Page
A page dedicated to the return of every American POW/MIA.

Our Adopted Pow/Mia
This site honors missing Pow/Mia Randolph Jefferson Ard.

Freedom Flight Inc
Freedom Flight, Inc. is a non-profit, educational corporation established in 1988, that seeks to honor and increase the awareness of P.O.W. /M.I.A. issue by using Hot Air Balloons. Our organization is ...

While my site is not dedicated to POW?MIA's, it has links to POW/MIA sites. The site also has links to veterans information, social security information, wannabe exposure pages and some general information ...

VF-24's Home Page
This site is dedicated to the POW/MIA issue, that I have been working so diligently on over the past few years, trying to get the politicians to listen.

Missing Soldier
SCA international online webgroups site, dedicated to all good causes and acts streight from our hearts! We have family inside who is Vietnam veteran so this is a cause that we feel deeply! We want our ...

ladyj's Heros
for all who served