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A collection of web sites that criticise the modern feminist movement, on the grounds of sexism or for other reasons. Quite a mixture of sites by both men and women.

Patriarcado y Libertad.
Spanish site. {;}{;}I am a Man from Madrid. It is just a place to see and talk (Forums, I have 2) free. To have knowledge from University and Thinking people, Estadistical Rates, and start breaking the ...

It is extremely important that we make it clear that to take issue with feminist policy does NOT mean we are anti-women. Join me for both serious and fun forums. Discover your own spirituality, view the ...

Dick freeman
Good articles, men's stuff.

Mandefender World Community
Greetings, we are creating a world community of webs of the man's discrimination and we would like them to unite to create a world platform of fight. Site the Manīs Rights Anillo de webs que luchan por ...

Feminism as a Hate Movement
Examining the hypothesis that modern feminism is an anti-male hate movement. A work in progres....

Reunite Torea with her Father!
This is a father's right site dedicated to fathers that have had their children "stolen" by anti-family, liberal, feminist mothers. Fathers are important and have rights too!

The Backlash!
Exposing and opposing anti-male sexism since 1993, backlash.com is the second oldest men's issues site on the web, and also one of the largest. What makes The Backlash! different from other men's issues ...

Feminism On Trial homepage
The community homepage. Sumarizes the range of reasons people have for criticisism of feminism and provides some definitions terms and links to related communitys.

Ladies Against Feminism
A site dedicated to the proposition that men and women are not created equal. A forum for intelligent, thoughtful discussion.

Rich Zubaty Web Site
Excerpts from Book "The Feminization of America" A wide-ranging discussion of the political social and spiritual excesses of feminism.

Parental Alienation Canada
Parental Alienation its impact on an individual, on the children and the feminist movements denials of its existence

Fathers and Men's Rights
Fathers and Men's Rights Issues

Victim Feminist Central
Debunking Feminist Mythology

The Swiss Submarine
This site functions as a clearinghouse for resources of use and interest to Masculinists and Antimisandrists, especially those who are happily married to loving, supportive spouses.

End Hate
In World War II alone, more than sixteen million American men served in the military and more than one million American men were killed or wounded. Romantic notions of chivalry, knowledge and preparedness ...