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If you feel that all of Earth's people are one, this may be the community for you. If you have a site that promotes world peace, equality, spirituality, brother/sisterhood, the environment, animal rights, and/or love for each other, you are invited to join.

Green Goddesses Share Their Eco-Wisdom
I share my experiences and the experiences of my friends as we try to develop a practical but environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Luminis Website
A virtual trip through cultures, countries, history, music, science fiction and thinking. Suggested links, photographs, personal poetry and some routes about various topics: the Celts, Blade Runner, Portugal, ...

EcoLiving Center
A community designed to help make it easy for people to create a healthy home and daily lifestyle...one that is more meaningufl. Message boards, cards, email, directory, etc.

The Light of God
The ancient art of Mahikari-no-waza [Truelight of God] has been revived in the 20th century to give mankind the opportunity to become purified in the correct order......Spirit First, Mind follows and body ...

shayna's place
My site coontains original poetry, watercolor paintings and short stories promoting love for people, animals and the environment.

Folk Rock Dreams
This is what happens when a girl dreams outloud. (Serena is most often compared to Jewel and Victoria Williams)

The Nuzzled Network
The Nuzzled Network responds to violence and cruelty against animals. We{;}seek to strengthen and enforce laws against animal crimes, and advocate the{;}successful prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes ...

The Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay
The Organizational HomePage of Allan Cronshaw -- the Long Island Mystic and Nazirene Disciple of TheWay -- who through the recall of his previous life as a Disciple of Messiah/Christ has restored the spiritual ...

Pesticides, Wetlands & the Game of Golf
{;}Pesticide exposure can cause many illnesses, end-organ damage, disability and MCS. Most believe they're being adequately protected from hazards by industry and government alike. That's hardly the ...

The Wiccan Way
A large resource for Witches, Pagans and especially Wiccans. Updated frequently.

RING HOMEPAGE: One World Community - community Central
I currently manage over 50 quality communitys that cover a wide variety of topics, all listed on this page for your convenience. Please come check them out - I'm sure you'll find a few you would like to ...

Wings of a Messenger
This site is about promoting spirituality, angels, metaphysical authors, worthy aids/causes, and alternative forms of healing. Also touched upon are topics about myself, my life, beliefs, movie reviews, ...

Dekora's Refuge
My personal refuge of information pertaining to my spiritual path which is very eclectic and embraces all.

Care For The Soul
A place to go to take time and take care of YOU and those you love! Every person is unique and worthwhile. Self-esteem and affirmation issues are addressed, Stories of Hope, Prayer Cards, prayer request ...

SiSters in SPiRiT!
A warm and friendly place containing many things of interest to women. Included in the SiSters in SPiRiT group and website pages you'll find... contests, games, information resources on lots of topics, ...

Electra14's Fantastical Page
I started this site two years ago as just one page, and it has grown much larger over time... I don't mean to offend anyone with what I have on my site, I just mean to state my opinions and express m ...

If you live near me in Fairfield Maine USA and wish to receive REIKI TREATMENT at home, I can help. I also will include anyone on my Absentee Healing List.

Lake's Place
Hello All, {;}if you care to stop by Lake's Place, you can find an array of 'things'. A little about myself and family, genealogy, many poemsm inspirations and quotes. Tribute pages, and a whole lot ...

Tolerance, Peace, and Understanding
This site was made to promote peace and the acceptance of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Differences should be celebrated, not feared!

Peace Harvest
Quaker Art Work. Peacemakers who sow in peace will reap a harvest of righteousness. James 3:18

Radio Fréquence Evasion
Our Radio Milits for Humans and animals rights with other associations like : PMAF, Le bouclier, WWF, ... {;}{;}We realized too interviews who can be heard at the : http://www.frequenceevasion.com/rad ...

Kindness in Action
This is a website and an interactive community about Kindness.All relgions,races,are accepted as long as your page is child safe,and does not contain any form of hatred,or intolerance for others(including ...

SocioSphere - A Webzine on Human Unity
This site is a webzine (web magazine) focusing on the unity of humanity through such means as the unity of religions, gender equality, and the harmony of science and religion.

Midnight Rainbow's Place In Space!
My personal site about things I am interested in, including my family, rainbows, healing, folklore and more added all the time!

The personal homepage of Darrell Grizzle, a large but friendly Dancing Bear. Explorations in Creation Spirituality, healing, poetry, nonviolent activism.