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Multiple Personalities letting the world know it is not a fake or a hoax. It is real and it's sometime very painful for the people experiencing it. {;}People that have experienced Sexual,Ritual,Mind Control,Spritual Abuse, and any kinds of trauma and that needs Support. {;}We need to join together and fight the abuse that exists in our would. So we can continue healing and other will not have to have these experiences. {;}

Living Free With Jesus
A site made by and for abuse survivors. Living free is possible with Jesus Christ!

Seeing Through Multiple Eyes
Multiple Personality Disorder (aka Dissociative Identity Disorder) education, support, information, and memoirs.

NeeDID Exchange
The NeeDID Exchange is a peer support network run by and for individuals with DID/DD and their supportive others. The site offers DID/DD informational links, a Discussion Forum, a Kidz Page, art, humor ...

The Gathecommunity Place
The online home of our inner household, containing links, community, bookstore, message forums and, of course, pages about us.

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is committed to helping all survivors of all forms of abuse, now including hate crime survivors. We offer support through our message board, chat room, and we review and post suvivors ...

Me, My Selves, and I
I have DID/MPD. This site is about me, my alters, and hopefully, our story someday. Our site includes a link to our teen's poetry site, links to other DID sites, and other things we find interesting. ...

Good Samaritan Ministries Alaska
A Christian site dedicated to helping, encouraging and educating other adults who have grown up in abusvie homes. Topics covered are: DID/MPD, Eating Disorders, Faith, Churches, Self-Harm and many more. ...

All About Us - Multiple Personalities Living in the Real World
A Multiple Personality tells of the relationships developed between 14 alters, adults, children, teens, ancients, friends, mentors, and lovers.

Abuse Recovery Site for Survivors & Friends
Offecommunity encouragement, hope, information and support to survivors of sexual abuse, their friends, and loved ones through our website, conferences, a Memorial Wall, email support, online forums, and ...

Bits and Pieces of DID/MPD
For those newly diagnosed DID/MPD and their families; creative poetry enhanced with coresponding articles, personal stories, and carefully selected links all designed to aid in the healing journey

Those That Walk
A place where the Shire talks about their lives, their opionions, their experiences and themselves. A personal look into what multiplicity is like for us.

MPD Friends
This is a site written by the SO of a male multiple. It has information on MPD/DID, a booklist, links to other sites, and a humour page.

JadedSilverMists' Haven
Step into the world of a 19 yr. old female, who's a survivor of just about every kind of abuse, including rape. My site includes my story, info. on did/mpd, as well as many other things, including some ...

The Crew's Page
Hi, We are the Crew, A Multiple Personality System.{;}And this is a look into the various thoughts and insights{;}of a few of us. Hopefully this will help you {;}understand the collective me. {;}

A Light in the Darkness
I am a survivor of 20 years of abuse. My site is dedicated to those hurt by sexual abuse, rape, domestic abuse, depression, anxiety disorders, suicide. I am also a multiple ( DID ), and have PTSD. My ...

Displaced Parts
A site created by an MPD/DID survivor and her insiders. Everyone has a place of their own.

Innerpeace after SRA
This is the true testimony of my youth, growing up in a multi-generational cult. How I am now struggling to find innerpeace after SRA and how I am lviving with DID.

Toy's Haven
All original art, poetry and journals of site owner. SA survivor with DID, OCD and PTSD.

Page's Place
My site contains a place for SOs (significant others or multiples), a place to meet those in my system, resources for alters, and many other DID related resources and things.

MichiGirl's Madness
Much on mental health (Including but not limited to) -{;}Manic depression, bipolar, schizophrenic, multiple personality.{;}Humor, Ramblings, Links, and more!

Survivors Pages
information and education of sexual abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personalties Disorder mindcontrol, ritual abuse

The Many Mini-Minds
This site is for those who have been diagnosed with dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS), and those who have any dissociative condition or experience personality fragmentation.

Butterfly Art
drawings and poetry of a survivor of sexual and ritual abuse.

One Of Many
Join together Multiple Personalities people and let the world know it{;}is not a fake or a hoax. It is real and it's sometime very painful for{;}the people experiencing it. People suffer from Sexual abuse/Ritual{;}abuse/Trauma ...

Heart's Home
This is Heart's home page. Will take to you the index for my other pages. If you are a survivor with DID/MPD and would like you site added to my survivor page. send me the url and I will look at it and ...