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As journallers, we are allowing our lives -- ourselves -- to be put on display for the world at large. This is a PARTICIPATORY RING, meaning that there are monthly collaboration projects that go with it. The community will be held at a number which is conducive to that level of participation. No matter what form it takes, the members will be on display, first and foremost. This isn't for the faint of heart....

Funny the World
The musings of a post-menopausal adolescent.

Rachel's Daily Diary
"Life is easy to chronicle,{;}but bewildecommunity to practice..." {;}- E.M. Forster{;}A Room with a View

Under the Microscope
"Under the Microscope" views life from the perspective that looking at the little things tells us much about the bigger questions of life. Topics range from family to friends to politics to the oddities ...

It's what I've never seen before that I recognize.

Best Known to Herself
Not-quite-daily observations of a Dubliner (day job: copyeditor; dream job: novelist; meanwhile, life bursting at the seams - but I wouldn't have it any other way).

edge of the season
feminist. artist. writer. more at wickedpersephone.org.

Nova Notes
The grief-streaked, yet usually optimistic journal of a happily-married bibliophile father of two boys (one autistic) coping with losing his third son.