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Are you a fan of the Gods and Goddesses of Xena and Hercules? Do you have a page on your site dedicated to Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, Cupid, Hercules... Then you can join our community! See our rules below. My goal here is to have one central place for fans of these great and talented actors and characters. {;}

IMMORTAL CONQUEST--a Greek mythological romance novel
Excerpt from "Immortal Conquest" by Lanette Cucommunityton, to be published in 2001. The story of Apollo and Zeleia--a disgraced god and a mortal marked for sacrifice. Other immortals appear occasionally ...

Fanfiction devoted to Strife, God of...Strife. Stories range from light adventure and frothy sex comedy to the explicit. Also home to the 'Strife's Temple' Tag stories.