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For all things Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look no further. This community is all about the Olsen Twins who have gone from cute little child stars on Full HOuse to full-on fashionistas and entrepreneurs.
You can find everything about the Olsen Twins here in this fabulous community! Find information about their lives, photos, pictures, products and more. Find their clothing line, see who they're dating and what they've been up to and even take a trip back in time with one of their DVDs.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - All About The Olsen Twins
For all things to do with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! Find information about their lives. Photos, Pictures, products and more about the Olsen twins including an open letter to Mary Kate and Ashley Ol ...

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: Olsen Twins Then and Now
These days when you think of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen—the Olsen twins—you think about fashionistas, bulimia and even the relationship that one of them may or may not have had with Lance Armstrong, but it wasn’t long ago that these two were known only for their cute little roles on Full House where they began their acting careers starring as the same baby child, Michelle Tanner. 

The world fell in love with these two adorable girls and their careers as child actors took off. As time went on they then began taking on roles in films—all of which went straight to DVD.  They or at least their managers and parents understood quite early on that they possessed something very special and it wasn’t long until they got into the world of merchandising and began cashing in on their adorable and well marketed image. Their image has actually graced many a magazine cover and has branched out into clothes, perfumes, books, fashion dolls and films. They even created their own company to manage themselves in 1993 which they aptly named Dualstar.

The sisters success has seen them be listed on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list and were recently crowned as number eleven with a fortune of over $100 million. Unfortunately their adult acting careers have so far gone quite badly with only minor roles in films and their first starring roles becoming a flop at the box office. This has not knocked the girls in any way though and they have continued to shine in other ways, mainly their fashionista ways which have been the talk of the fashion world and have gained them the respect that they deserve after making past the child star phase without the usual substance abuse drama that one would expect.

They currently have their own fashion line called The Row which has helped them to be considered as fashion icons but they have been criticized for including fur in their lines and the group PETA has publically slammed them for this. (Yay PETA!)

In their personal lives they too have enjoyed success and had many woes. They have both attended University and college with surprisingly good results and they have had super success with their company Dualstar. Even with their hardworking ways and somewhat squeaky clean image they have managed to make the tabloids for a few guffaws, one of which was the rehab check in for Mary-Kate back in 2004. It was reported by the National Enquirer that the stint was for a drug problem when in fact it was anorexia nervosa. And in case you questioned whether that was actually true; she filed for damages in 2006 and managed to win a $40 million settlement from them for libel damages and false light invasion of privacy damages and gotten back that squeaky clean image of hers.

Mary-Kate’s love life has also managed to keep our interest in her going even long after her TV career died thanks to her relationship with Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos ending with him getting together with socialite Paris Hilton who was also supposed to be a friend of hers at the time. (The two are now no longer friends because of this) Mary-Kate was also linked to Heath Ledger last year after his death when it became known that they shared a very special “friendship”. Her other half Ashley has managed to keep her private life away from the flashing tabloids and seems to keep mostly to herself.