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If you love Classic Rock and Roll, Macrame, Lava Lamps, Lots of colors. Were you a Hippy in the '60's? Are you a Hippy in the '00's. Cool Man!!!

Side F/X Classic Rock
Cover band in the Catskills New York, Poconos Pennsylvania, and New Jersey (Tri-State area)Classic Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues

Color My Comp
Free wallpapers...R. Crumb, Keep on Truckin, Natch, Snoid...Peace, hippie, groovy wallpapers. Free R. Crumb E-cards + Peace pics & graphics. View soldiers lost ducommunity Summer of Love....Buy cool posters...Peace, ...

Haight-Ashbury Commemorative Poster
Get a beautiful and original poster, created by a real Haight-Ashbury hippy! This limited edition art quality poster commemorates the unforgettable summer of love in San Francisco. You'll only find it ...