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The Mind of Me
randumb ramblings of a tired mind

Temps Rule
Rules in no order at all to being a temp employee by fashionistamt

Fleur D'Afrique
okp les_fleurs

Vizionz of a Vizionary
just a girl in the world, trying to maintain her sanity. I usually fail miserably... oh, I'm okp KrispeeKreeme

~Sweet & Innocent~
I am a somewhat bitterly confused woman trying to make my way in the world- the blog is my way of documenting and venting. It is random, at times whimsical, others extremely angry. Take it as you li ...

Yeah, it says BEST ...
OKP username is VAsBestBBW

raskal trippin
hopscotch adventures of an exiled newyorker in berlin, yea germany (okp samsara)

annoyed grunt.
Muttecommunitys and other shite.