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A MU* game community (MUSH, MUX, MUD, MUCK, MOO, etc.). Game pages, source and soft code pages, tutorial pages, etc. This is NOT for casino sites, graphical game sites, java-game sites, etc. If you are not running a game that uses TinyMUSH, TinyMUX, PennMUSH, Rhost, TinyMOO, TinyMuck, or something similar to that (i.e. a MU* or MUD codebase), please DO NOT apply.

Welcome to Cosmic Muffin MUX!
Welcome to Cosmic Muffin MUX! We're a mainly superhero-themed game with emphasis on fun. We have present and future zones for your roleplay enjoyment and a simple application system as well as friendly ...

Interfable: The Wheel
"The Wheel" is an epic tale of love, war, kings, gods, betrayal, sacrifice, madness, magic, myth, and adventure. It uses a unique mixture of chat, posting, and voting that allows multiple people to cooperatively ...

Rachel's Super MOO List
It is a large listing of MOOs, which has been online since 1996. There are links to clients and information about what MOOs are and what they are used for.

Online Gaming Resource
OGR MUSH is dedicated to providing resources for the MU* community. It was created on the premise of providing a neutral environment where players and staff in the MU* community can meet to chat, promote ...

Central Casting
Central Casting is essentially a "traveling troupe" of roleplayers who move from MUSH to MUSH, playing bit-part roles and assisting staff in TinyPlots and events. The group is perfect for "part time" MUSHers ...

FlipSide Muck
FlipSide is a Multiple-World Environment, bcommunitying together diverse and interesting cultures for a different roleplay experience. While inter-world travel is discouraged, central gathecommunity points ...

Ghost Hokkaido
The online text role-playing game made for fans of Japan and hengeyokai. Friendly staff! Anybody can beta test.

Dreams Are Forever
There are 201 levels of fun, in the higher levels you will have Quests, at level 100 you will have the choice to stay single class or go dual. Battle Field is the place for killing others, but with ...

Cajun Nights MUSH
Cajun Nights MUSH is a 2nd Edition original World of Darkness game based in the near future New Orleans.