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Are you a person of mixed descent or ancestry? Is your father from one cultural background and your mother from another? Do you celebrate different sets of holidays? Do you have a blog or an online journal? If so, then this community is for you!

Interrace Haven
Weblog written by the father of two biracial sons - with subsections providing galleries of interracial couples and multiracial children as well as links to other interracial sites.

When Boredom Sets In
The site collective, blog, and anything else of a 20-something gal (of mixed heritage). Where everything i create, love, and ramble on about is put into one small siteish type place.

Show Me A Sane Man And I Will Cure Him For You.
The meandecommunitys through the life of a London girl of mixed racial/cultural descent ... who can be quite random. *g*

James Landrith is...Taking The Gloves Off
Personal website/weblog of The Multiracial Activist's publisher.

I'm a 40 year old HAPA married to a delightful Norwegian-American husband and mom to a beautiful 3-1/2 year old daughter. I work full time and I mom all the time.