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Blogs outside the norm in topic, design and/or structure. Preference given to anti-prohibition, anti-war, sex-positive writers.

Notes From a Life in Progress
Psychobabble, poetry, prose and pontification as practiced by a lazy thinker and aspicommunity Buddha

Cultural cabinet of curiosities.

reduced to one aspect, the daily dosis.

Ko Defendant
Meds are in, and so is this site.

The Writings of Psychosis
The angry (and sometimes funny) rants of a very frustrated and misunderstood artist, musician, and writer...

Color Outside the Lines
Come read about a day in the life of a complete nutbar. WARNING: Don't feed the sanity....it BITES!!! 0.o

fwak! blog
... news, pics, random fun links in some way related to our animation studio or things that tickle our fancy

Pseoudononrandom code generation via{;}tentacular mind control devices.{;}Encrypted plaintext reports from an{;}occupied nation.

Abietti si Nasce
My italian E/N website and my personal weblog.

Journal and never-ending rantings of brownskinned queerboy in Chicago.

Taiwan_On's Notes From The Asylum
Just take your first left after occasional drug use and excessive masturbation.

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...

Nihilist Propaganda
It started as news and announcements about the Nihilist Glee Club small press and online comics, but grew like an ugly baby thing from Brazil into my rantfest. I try to find interesting things and confound ...

alex mizell -- 49% sacred, 51% profane
my personal journal and weblog. a summary of itself.

Frood's Burbles
Frood occasionally burbles and also keeps a crack fairy death squad in his cellar and feeds them pins and bark and twigs and steam and air.

Acid Logic Web Log
really... it's a lot of things you know? a little bit country a little bit rock an roll. mostly just strange thoughts that come into my head a weird little jokes. straight up, y'all.

Everlasting Blort
Our cheese is always twice the fencepost.

the mind viruses of today,{;}infecting tomorrow

Corrosion of Sanity^ [Blogged]
we all started out with some lil chunk of sanity, i misplaced mine, here i write shit about stuff, and it's strange, fuck you for not liking it.

Albany Dan is a SUCKAH
Albany Dan done got hit by lightning

Troubled Youth
It started in a bathroom stall, but where it ends is up to you.

Duck And Run
My physcotic ramblings on my life as a prisoner. Prisoner of circumstances, addictions, afflictions and the little voices in my head.

didjeridoo schwaggman
a disestablishmentarianist publication{;}

dreaming in denmark
see what comes of an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet?

My Quest for Freedom as it Happens
This blog has daily updates about my observations regarding politics, economics, and life in general. I have harp comentary and your feedback is always welcome. This is geared toward Individual and Economic ...