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Click Member link to see site in tvMy Quest for Freedom as it Happens
This blog has daily updates about my observations regarding politics, economics, and life in general. I have harp comentary and your feedback is always welcome. This is geared toward Individual and Economic ...

Suburban Lesbian
Personal weblog of a suburban parent who also happens to be a lesbian

Mindless ramblings of sexy pajamas, garbage days and bulging bladders.

food for small animals
diary of a twee museum girl and her little cheesebox on a raft.

Hell's Basement
A strange and mediocre trip into the personal life of a thirty-something fag. Come see why it's a good thing some types don't breed. Hell's Basement is a place that will leave you underwhelmed, provided ...

Burning Evanescence
Words and dreams do not only haunt, they can also burn. This is a crossroads of words and dreams that haunt and burn.

This Week with C.J.
One non-blonde talking about the revolution.

The Daily Email
daily rants of one non-blonde

The Unbelievably Retarded Blog
Blog of the Southern Ontario music webzine UR (a/k/a Unbelievably Retarded). Opinions, site updates, and random crap abounds.

Feel the fuzz.

Night\'s Doorstep
The Exile\'s Lament

Coffee House Chronicles
A 40 something guy that just quit being a full time road warrior. Now I am at home and wonder what to do with the rest of my life? Perhaps you will help?? Sometimes funny...always insightful. A good blog ...

WebLog focusing on political humor, current world events, politics, religion, sports and the endless every day merde that continuously hits the fan. Welcoming interactive comments and discussion in the ...

the little hedgehog
thoughts of a crazy pet mom stuck in 70s suburbia

CountryMouse's Diary
A journal of music, books, movies, what's new, toys, stuffed animals, poetry, photography, everyday life, etc.

A Bear\'s I
I was raised by a family of bears who were driven mad by the strain of passing for human. What I love most about Homo sapiens is its primate nature; what I most abhor is the part that tries to deny it ...

Nafcoms Crap Blog
Just some crappy blog about various stuff :)

My aimless personal blog about my life, bitching, politics, TV, music, news and anything else I feel like rambling about.

Sarah's Thoughts And Deeds
blurbs and events in the life of a mother of 3 children

Small Ripples in the Pond
Just tossing thoughts into the pond, leaving small ripples in the water where they land. Nothing profound. Just the simple workings of a middle aged mind.

It Isz Inevitable
Climb aboard the Crazy Train! We're all heading down to Crazy Town.

Andria's Blog
A blog I use on a regular basis. I usually write about politics, school, or simply the odd bit of information.

i am a knitter for a hobby, i am a flight attnednat

The Halls of Eternal Disbelief: An open letter to Suba and BeanNet
Yes, this really happened. Back ducommunity the glory days of Political Correctness, somebody actually got censored by his ISP for being insufficiently sensitive toward the concerns of child molesters ...

Harriet's Vanity
Reviewing the world through a perspective all my own.

I started this blog to share my thoughts with the general public, and to engage discussion about life, politics, and the world. The ideas expressed in this blog are only half-baked-they are what I am ...