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For the curious folks who want to know what I'm reading, watching, playing, doing, thinking, listening to, et cetera :)

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois. {;}

Lactose Intolerant
A blog about nothing, california style

Fly Cow, FLY!!!
the randomness that describes me

kakaru heiso
just a blog by me ^^ let's see...includes my mood swings, complaints, rants, spiritual moments (lol), etc. however everything's a little ... umm... blurred.

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

stark reminder
never take for granted those you love

Queen of Rambles
The journal of an American living in Sweden. It started out as a place to note my observations about strange Swedish stuff, but has turned into a place for me to rant, ramble and just generally talk about ...

Sugarfused Radio Weblog
Musings of a southern belle

Naked Thoughts
{;}My life. Uncensored with typos. I'm bocommunity, and you have been warned. I don't call this as a blog, but this is my mind journey. Verbally and visually.

Where the Hell Was I?
Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, most of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.{;}

Sinister Dexterity
semiotic salsa with holistic habaneros

One blog. One Woman. Many Rants mixed with a heck of a lot of coffee.

her shoulder to cry on
it's easier to stcommunity together a coherent sentence while writing than it is while speaking aloud.

Purple Musings
{;}Random musings on life, love, and creativity.

Edge of Sanity
Observations of the world from my personal perspective.{;}

The personal weblog of Tay McNabb pertaining to him and the shit that interests him.

What Are Words For....
the semi-daily journal of a 40something{;}lesbian living in Houston, Texas

Computers by day, asleep by night. But wait, there's (much) more...

Random Acts of Senseless Thinking
Miscellaneous junk floating around in my head and translated into words for all the world to see.{;}

pretty chaotic art and media spotting linked to wild web experiments{;}

dreaming in denmark
see what comes of an unhealthy fascination with Hamlet?

dwellers of a sandcastle
dwellers of a sandcastle - I'm not a blogger, I just play one on TV.{;}

Lady Crumpet's Armoire
A digital commonplace book{;}

Red Ted Keeps a Diary
A historian, teaching, writing his dissertation, struggling with his sleep, writing about history, science fiction, politics, and anything else that comes to mind.

dreaming sea
A personal website containing 'the egoblog', pictures/photos and other oddities.

{;}this could be real.

Caffeinated Ramblings of a Coffee Achiever
The caffeinated ramblings of a coffee achiever... brewed fresh daily

Tattood Jays Blog
{;}Just the ravings of a New Zelander (kiwi) currentlly living in NYC, who is addicted with the Tattoo bug

Twists & Turns
Musings by writer Michael Gates. Strange world, isn't it?{;}

jennif's junk
{;}check it out, its like totally obscure

The Pat Cook Show - Pat's Blog
This is a blog that serves as a way of me speaking my mind. It will serve many purposes including serve as a compliment to my Internet Radio (and soon!) TV shows on the Jeeper One Radio & Television N ...

rob's space
Diary of a young music industry worker in London.{;}

v R@lty
In every Individual, there is a force more powerful, more mysterious than the inner workings of the Universe. Shaped by thought, fuelled by emotions, forged by life, touched by spirit and loved by love ...

The Man\\\'s Side of it!
There are two sides to a story, this is my side of it!

Pix, life and video tales.

The formerly bocommunity life of a 20something Londeoner who has packed in her dull job and gone traveling for a year

In the Aquarium: a londoner\'s life
I am a Londoner. I love London. This is my life as I go about my business. And a little lifedrawing, photography and poetry.

Give me spirit fingers dammit!!
Commentary about local and international fashion and style trends, based in Hong Kong.

the snarkychick weblog... timely, informational, and just damn silly. say hello.

Mindless drivel by a twentysomething with no life.

Politics, religion and culture - because language is a virus. The jottings of an academic intellectual left-wing feminist ex-jw mom.

Random Bubbly Thoughts
Just a place for me to rcord whatever's in my head... also a good place to rant & rave

Anything XD
Talking about Anime. I love ANIME. And I talk about like Inuyasha. And all that other stuff too. Ya know! XD

the random life
the random life blog on starving arts

Woozie's Weblog
The best bread and public transport weblog in the world!

Viper Squad Ten
Musings on life in the present by a traveller from the future, marooned in 21st Century Britain.

Maiden\'s Blog
This page contains my blog. The rest of the site is a medieval place of romance and fun.

Smacked Face
Generally boozy exploits in North London, unsolicited opinions, whinging, disco etc

User Friendly
created out of boredom and interest...