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Obscure Logs is a community for the all the non famous webloggers out there. Come on, we know you're one of them. Join us. Now under new management...

TORC BLOG...perspectives of a progressive cleric
Information resources & contemporary web logs of a gay archpriest serving the NYC-NJ streets, hospitals and jails as pastoral moderator of St. Anthony's Bread Mission Apostolate since 1982, an interfaith ...

Hillside Meditations
a personal blog from Germany (English language). Discussing Linux, buddhism, girls, pediatrics, homoeopathy, life, universe and everything else.

Further Venting
express yourself...

Damaged-Girl [dot] net
The blog of a 20 something female living in Boston. With pet and city cams. Parents please be aware that this a blog of a survivor child abuse and rape and sometimes entries may be written about these ...

The South Beach Diocese
Photo-filled life of a high school senior. More interesting then you'd expect.

...Days Go Bye... (and nights say hi)
a daily or semi-daily or when ever i have time blog about my life and events that are going on in my life, the life and times on an English boy in Iowa and commentary of the cornfeilds i am surrounded ...

little thoughts
about the deep dark electric calculator of my soul.

Tales of an MD/PhD student
Musings from a current md/phd student who is crazy enough to dedicate at least 8 more years of her life to school!

Bughaw - thoughts in blue
The blog of a Filipina - not your normal, everyday Filipina - with a very weird mind. Life is beautiful...and miserable.

The Crystal
Random thoughts from a gal in Madison WI.

In the Cheap Seats
Join Kristin as she travels each week to the local Cheap Theater -- where the movies are just 50 cents, the seats rarely have padding, and the people are more than just a little crazy...

My most obscure blognotations

Nathan Hill: Mildly Diverting
Once I aspired to be Carcommunityton Vanston. Since then, though, my blog has felt the inevitable slide towards being a diary. I obsess over things, which is why I update thee times a week.

My little bit of the internet containing a diary (among other things) of an Australian student stuck in a job he loves and hates.

Jet's Life: The Misadventures of the Spoilt Brat
Come check out the drama in my life. Updated frequently, so be sure to check back.

A weblog devoted to short fiction, comics, movie reviews, poetry, satirical prose, and whatever else comes to the creator's erratic mind. {;}

The Personal Journal of Michael K. Baker
A journal of my mixed up family life and bizarre relationship. {;}

I am Jack's Wasted Life
This is the blog of Geoffrey Hofman-Frethem a.k.a. GSeven. In addition to standard blog fare, expect poetry, photography, & other artistic expressions. Its theme comes from the movie/book Fight Club.

Nuclear Liberty Choir
Armageddon from Revelations is a place within each of us where the final battle is fought. Woodwork by hand hints and tips. Opinions. {;}

Instructions on kicking cheek-jumpers while horsing a gout-monkey. {;}

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random, wry, ascerbic,cynical and sometimes humorous thoughts,ideas, and odservations of a man trapped in a world he did not make.

Diary of a man trapped in a city with strange citizens, some unreal and a few dark and scary. His feelings and tales about his surroundings conform the clues about the reality of that place. [Text in ...

Gene Eric's Web Log
The weblog pertaining to Gene Eric, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Do you have that in my size???
The ramblings of a thirtysomething southern California girl in search of truth, wisdom, and a healthier lifestyle

My Mundane Mid-Life
Oh, man... I'm gettin' old... is 45 old? The bocommunity life of an unemployed computer engineer from Hoffman Estates, IL USA {;}