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urban aging artschool girl makin' it

A knitter grows in Brooklyn

Fig and Plum

Life and the love of my life, Knitting!


A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

Sweet Girl Knits
The yarn proclivities and activities of a witty, urban gal

Lovely Purls

Every word's a purl
A harried reporter's escape into the gleeful world of knitting, crochet and other random craftiness. Completely narcissism and self-importance free!

Unfurnished Brooklyn
Is Brooklyn in the house? No, seriously. Is it?

Green Dilly Beans
Green Dilly Beans and other tasty treats

Perfect Kimmie
Join Perfect Kimmie on her pursuit of all things creative - cooking, baking, knitting and making things as she makes an utter mess and has a ball doing it!

Country Mice in the City

Tres Chic Veronique
Une maille a l'endroit, une maille a l'envers. Vive le tricot!


This blog is focused on knitting and food. More knitting projects are posted, but I like to take pictures of awesome food.

This is really only different from other knitting blogs in that it's my subjective experience of knitting. The patterns I do are relatively interesting and funky, and I'm a self procliamed "yarn snob." ...

Slightly Unravelled
Adventures in knitting (and possibly other crafts) with a knitting novice as your tourguide.

Rooted in Knit-reality

Kimberli New York
Thoughts as I travel thru NYC and around the world knitting as I go.

Curly Purly
Knitting toys, socks, clothing (mostly for kids, 'cause it's faster, of course). Some free patterns.

Annie Knits
I knit and that's that!

Yarnmonster Jess knits, sews, and travels her way through her studies in biology.

Brooklyn Knit Chick
A Park Slope New York Knitter's daily struggle to overcome yarn addiction, dropped stitches, and subway construction

how knitting keeps me sane and happy in the big apple

Counting Stitches
Looking for yarn in all the wrong places...

This is Knit
It's all knitting, all the time in Brooklyn. See lots of pictures of yarn and yarn-related items!

Rocking Chairs Rock
products of a yarn-buying obsession

The magical, mystical adventures of a Brooklyn knit nerd.

One Scheme of Happiness

Okay knits
Random ramblings of a premed and knitter in Brooklyn.

&Acommunity; Strikke
Knitting and dissertating in Washington Heights.

one potato

Little Grey Speck
Knitting, dogs, Brooklyn, street art with lots of pictures

The Other Side of the Pom
I'm a First Year Grad student living on the Upper East Side, knitting my way to sanity.

*making it in the city*

Knitting Ewe
Disscussions of my knitting projects and related anecdotes.

just a blog about knitting, commuting, and living! i generally blog once to twice a week...

Golden Apples
a mostly knitting blog, by a knitter who has been knitting 45 years, (but only admits to being 47!)

Knitting Knews
Join me on my knitting journeys...whether designing own pattterns, hanging out with my group: The Upper East Side Knitters, or traveling to Sheep and Wool Festivals...all the lastest Knitting Knews is ...

a blog about knitting, art, and my partners cooking

Yarn over Manhattan
A violinist in NYC that loves to knit (especially ducommunity concert intermissions).

Hoping to share my sojourn in knitting and blog excitement with the world. I love show and tell...Here goes knittin'!

Into the Mystic
Beguiling Banality

No More Sweaters
One of those knitting, spinning and living in the city blogs.

apples and aspen
Knitting, for me, bcommunitys the comfortable and contemplative stillness of wandecommunity through aspens, biking down country roads, and picking grandmaís apples. Itís meditative with no pretense of ...

Vickilicious Knits
Brooklyn artist, writer & grad student unwinding with knitting and crafts

Inspired Knitting
Day to day inspirations, funny stories and challenges where I attempt to create something knitted from stories having nothing to do with knitting.

Reflections on my knitting and other stuff

Fil a suivre
just a little site for my creative musings, knitting progress and history of fiber arts research