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Nursey's Waiting Room Community is open to ALL Nurse's, CNAs/Techs, Doctors, EMTs/Emergency personnel or any health care workers wishing to be linked together on the web. My site if full of fun, twisted nursing humor and many graphics so come on over and tickle your humerous!

The Nurse's Waiting Room
This is the communitymistress's homepage which is full of nursing humor, graphics and lot's of fun! ~s~ Come on over and tickle your "humerus" with Nursey.

penny's nursing graphics
Newly developed site with nursing backgrounds, nursing graphics, and nursing sigtags to download.

Cindy's Nursing Page
Cindy's Nursing Page was created to offer information to student nurses taking the NCLEX, {;}graduate nurses or anyone looking for information related to nursing. {;}This page is updated often, please ...

PsYcHo NuRsE's Padded Room
Take a "shot" and ask Psycho Nurse any medically related question. She's waiting to hear from you! ~wink~

Nursing Students UK
This site is aimed at the student nurse and offers pages full of links to good websites and articles, advice, tips e.t.c. there is even a message board here and lots more!

Nurses in Service to God
Designed to be a resource and encouragement to Christian healthcare professional{;}

Mandy's Place
Page all about me, a soon-to-be RN (August 2004 Graduate).

Boss Mare's Barn
Personal homepage with links to free cards and recipes, games and a special dedication page to nurses who travel. Links to help them in planning their next assignment. Please sign my guestmap...It's c ...