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The Nurse's Station is a community which is open to everyone ~ not just nurses or people in the healthcare profession, although I expect that they will be our major contributors. Our goal is to create a network of health care resources, support links, humor and entertainment which can be used and enjoyed by all on the World Wide Web. We welcome anyone with an interest in the health care field and relevant content on their websites to join.

nypsychmike's General Medical Infomation and Medical Chat Room
Medical infomation sites and Specalized chat room sites

The Student Nurse's Study Lounge
An ever-growing resource for nursing students featucommunity online notes and quizzes. Win my award!

Jo's Nursing Station
My Nursing History. Helpful Diabetes Information. Diabetic Dietary Requirements. ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Emphysema Information

The Laryngospasms
The Laryngospasms are a group of five nurse anesthetists that take familiar songs and twist them to create hilarious parodies of the medical profession!

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond: An Online Prepared Childbirth Class
A site designed by an OB nurse and childbirth educator who believes that knowledge is the key to a satisfying birth experience. Info from the 3rd Trimester through taking the baby home that can help the ...

Nursing Students UK
This site is aimed at helping student nurses by providing two pages of links leading to good web sites, articles e.t.c. There is also a message board on this site and lots more.