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This community is for thoughtful Christian bloggers who regularly write on issues primarily or tangentially related to Christianity, Religion, Philosophy, or Science in an effort to clarify them in light of the Gospel of Christ. You should be open to constructive comment and challenges from people of all walks of life. If you enjoy thinking deeply on these issues, this community is for you.

Foundational Thoughts
This blog is meant as a sounding board for whatever topic I'm currently wrestling with. I find that writing out my thoughts helps me think through them and identify weaknesses and problem areas in my ...

Navigating the delightful, sometimes dangerous and often mysterious relam of Chrsitian womanhood with candor, faith, and hope.

Creation vs Darwinism
Every Sunday, my brilliant husband Gregg posts an article of about 2000 words detailing the glory and truth of God's creation as detailed in the book of Genesis. In addition, he dispels the logical fallacies ...