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"liberated adj.)free (a person) from rigid social conventions....) We are quilters who love the liberated quilting methods of Gwen Marston, author of Liberated Quiltmaking, Liberated Stcommunity Quilts, Collaborative Quilting and more. We believe in imprecision and wonky fun and rarely use patterns. Definitely no kits or blocks of the month. We aren't art quilters. We just want to have fun! No Quilt Police allowed. This community is in no way affiliated with Gwen Marston. We are completely unofficial - we just love her work. Please read the community rules at http://liberatedquilters.blogspot.com before joining and please do not be offended if your blog not accepted. There are hundreds of quilting communitys to suit all tastes.

Learning, experimenting, having fun. Starting to do things my way.