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it's a couple's blog

Dancing in Midlife Tune
a personal blog that contains thoughts and ideas of a pinay blogger's life. it also contains product reviews and surveys.

Online Gaming Cheats, Blog Widget Hacks, Money Making,Technology and News Compilation Blog

Health Care for All
Articles about health care and cure

Frustrated Writer
Mahilig akong magsulat, pero ang pagsusulat ang walang hilig sa akin. Nakapagsulat na din ako minsan sa school paper namin. Nagtangka na rin ako magsulat ng libro. Mga tatlong beses na pero ang lahat ...

"The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol" - My Life's Journey to Success Nobody knows the "future" lies ahead of us, we should be ready to accept for whatever comes along as God allows things to happen for a certain reason. All we have to do is to ask His guidance
Nobody knows the "future" lies ahead of us, we should be ready to accept for whatever comes along as God allows things to happen for a certain reason. All we have to do is to ask His guidance, protection, ...

Eat Well, Teach Well
Personal blog about teaching, parenting, dating, living.

Unique Ideas For Your Beach Wedding - Planning Your Own
Shacommunity with you my very unique, very romantic beach wedding in Mauritius. Giving you some tips, guide in planning, and some ideas to personalize yours...

aviario penedés
Baby of canaries and exotic, silvestrismo and hybridization, canaricultura sports and ornithology in general

WTF Do You Blog About!?
Random musings. Expect to find me speaking on anything and everything.

Wonderful Things in
This blog is all about everything like encouragements, family, arts, my awards, health tips, entertainment, travel, blogging, business and etc.

ezrah photographs & scraps
Yes, I'm an amateur.

Aha Mama!
Ramblings of a Pinay Mommy and stories about her household -- a husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs

Admirable Bali Art Shop
Admirable Bali Art Shop is gallery art of bali for surfboard miniatures, bamboo, painting and accessories product.

Ivory Tasks
keeping calm amidst responsibilities

Not quiet Satan
Blog to my newly published Book of the same title. Available via lulu.com. Not quiet Satan is a collection of thoughts on today's society and the every day stupidities we all witness and most are just ...

Nature Blog Network
Your site for every species of nature blog!

From the Eyes of My Heart
Chronicles my experiences as a mom, wife and everything that inspires me.

My n95 Pictures
My n95 pictures blog is about mobile photography and contains pictures of the lifestyles,nature,history,incidents,culture and festivals captured by my nokia n95 mobile.

A Godly Woman
A single Christian mother shares her life with you through devotionals and other inspicommunity tidbits.

Why mothers are making the choice to be a WAHM and how they can go about meeting this goal.

Shes Daily
The Insider's Guide to Women online. We blog about beauty, fashion, style,travel, cooking and we offer product reviews and site reviews.

just the tip of the iceberg
my life's journey through music and literature and everything else in between...


A World of Progress
The adventures of a progressive minded ex-big city girl and her post-corporate American life. Thoughts on progressive living from off the corporate ladder.

Earn Money online with Phoenix2Life
My efforts to earn and to help to earn some money online. This blog would have links to deals, reviews of various sites, Social Spark, EntreCard,dNeero etc sites social conversation efforts as well as ...

Weght loss the easy way
Easy weight loss tips, resources for healthy and healthy dieting. Advices on diet pills, exercise and everything related to healthy weight loss.

We are all the witness of everything that surrounds us! This blog I call TIKLATON is a collection of my personal insights regarding the things and events that affect our daily lives!

BadGalsRadio Daily Blog
BadGalsRadio Daily Blog focuses on the world from a Reggae Viewpoint. Fresh News and Views Daily and of course the worlds's hottest female programmed 24hr Streaming Radio Station - BadGalsRadio.com

How To Deal With Chronic Pain
Daily living with chronic pain. New treatments for pain management, altenative therapies, ways to cope with ongoing pain and its toll on the body and mind

Ms Frugal McDougal
Tips and tricks to save money while working at home. Managing working at home, parenting and keeping things on a budget. Freebies and samples that are available for you!

Life's Lessons
A personal blog about our life, experiences and lessons learned.

Top Twin Stories
Stories about twins and the special bond that they share

My Design Thoughts
A chronicle of my thoughts and ideas about design and decor for the home

Diary of a Working MoM
Rantings, ravings, and observations of a mom of twins who works outside the home

Books Books Books
We read. We review. We say what's on our mind.

Clark's Picks
Real music performance videos selected by a real disk jockey.

Pinoy Web Surfer
Get your daily dose of tech news and cool stuff you can find online.

Reveries of simplyJACY
This is a place where I put all my thoughts, ideals and opinions on travel, cooking, entertainment and those that are making the headline.

Queenmadison's World
I am a young mom who loves to write. A responsible daughter and grand daughter because I take care of my ailing mom and my grandma whose suffecommunity Alzheimer's disease.

Fearless History
A historically-based analysis of politics and culture from a liberal/libertarian point of view.

24/7 Anything and Everything
This includes music, movie, food, travel fashion and a lot more.

Jodi's Journey
Including but not limited to information on adults and children who suffer from many forms of arthritis. And anything from grand parenting to premature babies, recipes, humor, working from home, pain management, ...

Inventor and mom I blog about kids, life, my invention, fun internet finds, politics, great handmade items, pretty much everything.

My @Ventures
Follow my adventures as I journey towards independence.

Celebriosity talks about celebrity news, films, television, dvd releases, and more.

Raging Bear Ranch Tightwad and Proud
Dedicated to frugal simple living, couponing and deals to save money to support our horses and dogs.

Nurtucommunity Nigel
Marriage, Parenting, Family and Everything Else in Between

Simple Delights
a mom's chronicles about daily mishaps

Healthy wealthy Mom's
Blog for moms who want to stay fit, healthy and get wealthy, recipes for slimming shakes, giveaways and much more.