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Why Clean Green? The book Green Clean extensively explores benefits of natural housekeeping. Green cleaning is: Good for the environment. Better for your family’s health and safety. Consistent with your values. Cost-effective compared to conventional products. Able to achieve superior results. You achieve a clean, beautiful home. The Environment Conventional cleaners contain compounds such as aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorines, petrochemicals, and phosphates. These chemicals are linked to environmental problems such as smog, declining animal reproductive rates, and water quality degradation. Green cleaning also saves energy, reduces water consumption, and minimizes waste by reducing supplier-side inputs and consumer-side disposal.

Seattle Janitorial Services
We offer Green Cleaning for House Cleaning Office Cleaning Construction Cleaning Carpet Cleaning. All services witl low price. Amazing Janitorial Service is the domestic Green Cleaning Company in Seattle. ...