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This blogging network is for politically conservative teens who own websites/blogs that pertain to American politics. Members will be active in other member's blogs/websites. This includes commenting on other member's blogs, reading articles, and exchanging ideas and constructive criticism. If you are interested in joining, contact me through Teens for Liberty's contact form(http://teensforliberty.com/contact).

Teens for Liberty
Teens for Liberty is a websitefor politically conservative Christians who are tired of the corruption in American politics. Teen for Liberty's blog reports on current events within American politics with ...

The San Antonio Conservative
A blog run by a very politically active college student in San Antonio. The blog covers local San Antonio politics, as well as Texas state politics (even political stories from other states) and of course ...

VOID in 2010
VOID = Voting Out Incumbant Democrats I did not come up with this catchy phrase, but I sure have latched onto it and I know I am not the only person out there who feels as strongly about the state of ...