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Temples, Shrines, Orders Teaching Groups, Social Groups of the Temple of Sedna

Temple of Sedna
The Temple of Sedna honouring the Inuit Goddess of the Sea, Sedna. The Temple of Sedna is a fully Chartered member Temple of the Correllian Tradition established in April 2004 and finalised in September ...

Temple of Healing
For all types of healing. Requests for healing and online healing rituals

8 Festival Temple
Sabbat information. Online Rituals

Rainbow Bridge, Pet Memorial
Permanent online pet memorials. Online Memorial Rituals

Living Stones Memorial Temple
Permanent online memorials. Eternal Flame. Book of Remembrance. Memorial Rituals

Temple of the Moon
Temple of the Moon The Temple of the Moon is a member Temple of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca, with a full Temple charter. The Temple of the Moon was established as a Shrine of the Correllian ...

Order of Reiki
The Order of Reiki provides several Reiki modality teaching groups. We also take healing requests for Reiki healing.

Temple of Isis
Egyptian information, Isis rituals

Temple of Nephthys
Sister Temple to the Temple of Isis

Order of the Peony
Flowers in rituals,spell work, aromatherapy, magic, meanings of flowers.

Angels & Spirit Guides
Information on Spirit Guides and names of Angels

Light & Spirit Meditation
A place for meditation and contemplation online with others

Crystals, stones, gems, rocks and mineral information

Temple of Contemplation
A place for reflection, contemplation and meditation

Poetry of the Sea
Poems of the seas, oceans, rivers, waterways, wells and water

Wiccan and Pagan Articles
Wiccan and Pagan articles of interest

Order of Bards
Poets and Writers of the Correllian Tradition