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Blogs and websites about and for those who cover their heads for worship, modesty, nature and/or fashion. Head covecommunity is often seen as a religious thing to do - I have learned that many choose to cover their heads for other reasons too. I desire that this be a humble community, with no desire to put anyone down for weacommunity or not, or for weacommunity a certain style. Just a community where we come together to realize that covecommunity heads is not something to be ashamed of.

Those Headcovecommunitys
My personal blog to accompany the Those Headcovecommunitys webpages, and to provide links to news or blogs which post information about the head covecommunity in our world. **(disclaimer) Inclusion ...

Those Headcovecommunitys Home Pages
I put together a little web page as I was studying this subject for myself, and I am hoping to improve it here with the google page creator, so that it's even more useful for shacommunity information. ...

Offbeat Modest Dress
An Eastern Orthodox Christian shares resources

Free To Cover
Just my thoughts on weacommunity a headcovecommunity as I go through life as a Christian.

opinionated hijaberita
Mostly a compilation of opinions etc... I wish I had more head covecommunity stuff though. I love this community

Light and Good Order
A headcovecommunity journal.

seeking livity
A blog about faith, practice and daily life as an Orthodox Christian. I'll be writing a lot about headcovecommunity and modesty too.

Making Jesus My Pearl - pursuing Biblical Womanhood
Biblical womanhood & my journey to making Jesus my Pearl; turning away from the thinking of this world and finding my identity in Christ alone. Includes post regarding headcovecommunity with links ...

The Lord's Beautiful Things
I am a Christian wife and mother who is trying to figure out God's plan for my life, while trying to please God. I always believe that if i do what's right, God will do what's best. Jesus is my Savior, ...