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A collection of Recipes, Romantic Ideas, Funny videos, Blogging tips, Reviews and more

Here I will tell you how to make money online. There are alot of way to make money online. You can choose any program that you like. I want to share it here because we can gain our income beside... Come ...

The home blog of 89.5 Bay FM, the official radio station of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines. Features cool music, program and deejay airchecks, and several rantings of its resident radio gee ...

Chronicle of My Thoughts
Young at Heart a wife and a friend. Love to Travel, Cook and Photography and Food. Spend most of my spare time with my Family, Friends and myself. Was born and raised in the Philippines. To keep everyone ...

Modern Glam
Fashion trends and tips for men and women, with a rare occasional foray in to other areas, specifically, web news, Etsy gossip, indie design, current events, etc..

The Artist's Muse
The Artist's Muse merges art, philosophy, history and musings from a highly collectible emerging artist presently working from a studio in New Mexico, USA

My Opinion Counts
I have opinions about everything.

My Road
Visit the places I have been and help me figure out where to go next.

Kimmy Shacommunity Light
Who is the true giver of light? We have a bizarre preoccupation with thinking that if we only do more things, at a more frantic pace, that somehow we will be successful. The key is to focus on one thing ...

Mixed Metaphor.net
Award-winning fiction by Jenn.

Amrul a.k.a Botak
my own personal blogspot about my enthusiasts about Car.

Aha Mama!
ramblings of a Pinay Mommy and stories about her household -- a husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs

Chronic Chick Talk
My journey in life of living with lupus,chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. I share my endless struggle of the ups and downs.

Ask Ms Recipe
A recipe blog like no other where you enjoy recipes and ask recipe questions too.

Italian cakes and sweets for a delicious life. More than 1000 recipes, videos and pictures

Ivory Tasks
keeping calm amidst responsibilities

The Flying Beagle
The personal weblog of a professional freelance photographer, private pilot and web designer. Check in often for rants on foster care, adoption, flying, politics, and other assorted stuff.

An Interesting News Source! Strong, twisted, deranged, and meaningful comments needed

Forced Green
Living a Natural Life in an Industrial World

Get a PS3 for peanuts
PS3forPeanuts was originally set up to show you just how simple it it to get a free Playstation 3. It now also includes free BluRay films, free PS3 games and even £500 to spend at Amazon. What are you ...

Netpreneur Now
An internet marketing blog, packed with freebies, articles, advice, news, links and much more.

Gift Ideas
a blog about gift ideas!

Kristen's Thoughts
A personal account of my thoughts and observations.

Photography by KML
This blog features the fine art and stock photography of photographer, Kathy Libby.

Political Rants from the Right | Everything else is just wrong!
Conservative leaning blog with regular rants regarding liberals, democrats, and everything else the blog owner can think of.

Easy Viral Traffic
Discover how to get unlimited free viral traffic!

Therapy Home
Me and my cats including some rescued cats.

Creative Pride News
Creative Pride is the business under which all my websites function. I started it in January of 2008 and have been having fun ever since.

Stories and commentry from a Cairns local. Stories include the following topics: Fishing, PSP, local news, tech articles. I've lived in Cairns now for the last 3 to 4 years.

Essjayar.Com, Links, Movies, Tech, Games and More!
An eclectic blog of fun links, interesting games, movie reviews, tech reviews, and much more.

I'm Beautiful Like Me
Stay-at-home-mom gone cRaZy (not to be confused with WILD): blogging about kids and family, "new" ways of staying sane - like yarn-hoarding, knitting, going green(er), books and reading, list-making (especially ...

Top Twin Stories
Stories about twins and the special bond that they share.

Diary of a Working MoM
Rantings, Ravings, and Observations of a mom of twins who works outside the home.

My Design Thoughts
A chronicle of my thoughts and ideas on design and decor for the home.

Uncommon Photographers
Photographing the photographer

Nepali Journal
A youth from the Himalayas writes about the different facets of his society - politics, music, education, movies, and whatnot!

Boating in Beautiful British Columbia
Boating and living in the beautiful Province of British Columbia.

Spicybugz World
Little bit of this and a whole lot of that. My daily adventures, joys, heartaches, laughter and tears.

Suburban Survivalist Blog
Helping others prepare in the cities -- Our goal is to provide vital information, key knowledge, and vital tools necessary to make proper plans for surviving as many possible future scenarios as possible. ...

The best is yet to come!
This blog discusses how to have success while pursing your dreams with passion!

all about TopCat Creations
A blog about my creative endeavors, my shops on Etsy and the Southeastern U.S. Etsy Street Team.

heather knitz
A blog that blends my family and work life! heatherknitz ~ Unique rag bags and rag bag kits! Sassy hair and jewelry accessories! Funky art and crafting supplies! DIY patterns and tutorials!

Pink Stinx
Breast Cancer Survivor Mom of six's Blogging Site and Breast Cancer Awareness information

Losing Weight Intentionally
This site is about losing weight naturally, health issues on losing weight, dieting, etc.

Round the water cooler with Sketch
discussion of health, exercise, politics, hot topics, current events and entertainment

The cat/dog log
pet health, diet and home remedies along with adoption efforts

Living Well Naturally
tips for health, home, garden and yard

Not John Chow
Make Money or at Least Learn Something!

All about cakes
Advise, shortcuts, tricks and great secrets from a professional cake designer so you can bake and decorate at home sucessfully.

Technology news, information, commentary