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By adding Mystery and Apple snails to your fish tank, you're not only adding to the beauty of your tank but also helping to keep your water clean for your fish. You'd be amazed to know more about mystery and apple snails and all the good they can do for your tank.
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Mystery and Apple Snails - A Slippery Slimy Addition To Your Tank

Some people eat them while others—mostly kids—like to play with them. I’m talking about snails! These slimy little shelled creatures serve so many more purposes than most even realize – outside of entertainment for our kids and an overpriced snack for Europeans! Snails, such as Mystery and Apple snails actually make the perfect addition to a fish tank. Why, you ask? For several reasons; one being their ability to keep your tank clean and the other being purely aesthetic. Slimy as they may be, they are actually quite decorative when stuck to the wall or greenery of an aquarium!

Before you head out in search of these snails to pretty up your tank, there are some things you should know. To start with, you won’t find these types of snails slinking their way across the path at the park or along the wall of your home. If you are looking for mystery and apple snails you’ll have to head to a pet or aquarium shop and drop a little cash. You can purchase them for about six USD, if you find the right place. Before you get these snails, you should make sure you have the correct environment that will keep them alive.

The mystery nail is called the trapdoor snail, black snail, Chinese mystery snail or even the Japanese mystery snail. It is large in size, as it is sixty five millimeters big and lives in freshwater, not salt water. It has gills along with an operculum. The Japanese version of this species of snails is generally back and color and can be found in a shell that is dark green and moss like. The name, trapdoor snail, is referring to a operculum that the snail is known for using in order to seal the aperture of their shell, which provides them resistance to chemicals, drought and other dangers.

Primarily, the snail species are known for eating algae. Individuals get them for their aquariums, because they are known for cleaning out the algae that is inside the tank and they do not eat plants or the fish eggs. Also, they will not overpopulate the aquariums, like some animal species have a tendency to do.  The snails will close up, which will give you an indication that there is a problem going on with the water so that you can fix it. If you do not fix it, then your fish could die, so you should pay attention to those snails.

There are many individuals that are selling these snails as they are easy to breed and cheap to care for. Aside from hitting the shops in search of them, a little browsing online could very easily lead you to a supplier that has snails for sale along with other information that may be useful since this article really only covers a fraction about these interesting little critters! One thing to remember; once you get your snails, pay attention to them as they will tell you what is going on. Consider them your aquarium spy!