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Shoes are as important as a dress is


Shoes are an important part of a persons dressing up. What place the dress at ease are the right shoes along with the right dress and accessories to go with it. And when you are women shoes take the same important place as a designer dress or an expensive handbag.


For a metropolitan woman of today, shoes are as important as the dress for an important occasion. And it won’t be wrong if it is said that women today own multiple pair of shoes, or probably shoes for each and every occasion. Though owning a multiple pair of shoes may seem like a fun indulgence for some, many women also have shoes that can be worn at pretty much every occasion.


You necessarily don’t need to own a hundreds of pairs of shoes so that you can wear a different pair every day of the year, but a simple must have shoes can also work best for those who don’t want to spend much. Creative flats, dressy flats, stiletto and boots are the five essential pair of shoes that every girl or a women must have in her wardrobe.


Shoe industry is close to an estimated a billion dollar industry and still holds a lot of promise. Many brand conscious women wouldn’t settle for less than designer pair of shoes no matter how sky-high the price. Women have shoe fetish and they love to get their hands on every nice pair of footwear they can buy. Classy Chanel boots, Christian Dior flats, Dolce & Gabbana stilettos, Fendi heels are like a painter’s muse who every women would love to have in their closet and wear them on their feet.

High Heels Pumps Shop
High Heels Pumps Shop