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Fragrances for men and the Fragrances for women: what do today’s perfume world promise?


Perfumes have been spreading their aroma throughout the human civilization. As soon as the art of perfume making came into existence, aroma oils and flower scents have been used by man to create pleasing smells for the senses. The art of perfume making dates back to Egyptian era where men and women used to daub their body with different scents of cinnamon and honey. Art of floral extraction as perfume from the flower of white Madonna lily has been reported in the history which signifies the famous art of perfume making.


The delicate art of making a fragrance depends on who uses it. Fragrances for men are different from the fragrances for women. Different beings have different choices. Some people like strong fragrances, some like it mild that linger on with a sweet smell and some like different themes for their choice of fragrances.


Every woman likes to pamper herself with a bit of perfume, whether going for an outing, just another day at the office or an evening in the town. There are different varieties of fragrances for men and women available today depending on what suits the personality and the preference of the one who wears it.


Fragrances for men range in different smells of fresh, aquatic, woody, spicy, oriental. Men usually like their fragrance a little strong and similar to their own personality. Burberry cologne, Giorgio Armani perfume and Calvin Klein fragrances for men are some of the famous smells used by men avidly today.


As for the fragrances for women, modern women now days prefer range of smells from the earthy tone, fruity smells of Britney spears fragrance, floral oriental smell of Christian Dior to the famous floral perfume of Chanel No.5.


Hence, come the delicate art of its making, who wears it or even the category of the perfume’s smell all make up to give you that perfect fragrance that complement your style and personality.

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