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Looking for Koi for sale? Then this is the right place for that and more when it comesto Koi fish! This community is all about these beautiful fish and the people who treasure them
Use our community to find Koi for sale and more, like information on building a Koi pond, Koi breeding and care. We also have access to a Koi pond supply and much more.Koi are definitely a wonderful choice for any pond and will add beauty to your indoor or outdoor garden oasis. Use this community for all your Koi needs or just your curiosity!

Koi for Sale
We have Koi Fish for Sale and are the number one choice for Koi Pond Supply, Building and Information. We can also help you with Koi Breeding, Care, Food and more!

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We've got Koi and Nishikigoi Fish for Sale. Trust us for the best Koi Pond Supply, Building and Information as well as Koi Breeding, Care, Food and more.

Koi For Sale - Some Must-Know's BEFORE You Buy
If you’re on the hunt for Koi for sale then chances are that you’ve got a pond that you’re looking to fill or at least pretty up by way of a beautiful fish or two. Many people wonder if they should get a Koi, a goldfish or both to add to their pond. The answer to this question is that it depends. Yes, we’ll explain in more detail as you read along so that you can find the answer and get on with filling that waiting pond of yours!

Many of us love fish and we cannot get enough of watching them…then again, there are also those who like to eat fish, but I suppose that’s an entirely different article! This one is specifically for those who like Koi as pets and prefer to feed them, take care of them and enjoy their beauty as opposed to batter and deep fry them!

If you have a water garden that is on the smaller side, then Koi may not be as good an option for you as goldfish. This is because goldfish are better when it comes to those smaller water gardens that are in the fifty to five hundred gallon range. Goldfish are just overall  easier to care for and less expensive, which makes them the perfect choice for your small pond.

When you are looking into Koi, you should take note that they will require you to have a little bit more knowledge and the water quality will need to be better than it is for the goldfish. The Koi is definitely for the pond keeper that has the most experience and is interested enough in it to put forth the effort needed to keep the pond and the Koi healthy. Generally, the Koi will thrive better in ponds that are over five hundred gallons. The bigger the pond is, the better it is going to be.

If you are not familiar with the Koi, they can grow to a pretty big size, which is going to require more water in the pond for them in order for the proper biological breakdown of the waste to take place. And again, Koi are also more expensive than the goldfish are, so you will also need to take this into account before you go out and get some Koi fish to fill up your pond and risk going over a reasonable budget. (This means resisting the urge to buy too many no matter how pretty they are!

If you are wondering what Koi fish look like, then you can do a simple search on the Internet, which will show you just how wonderful these creatures are. When you see these fish, you will want to make your water garden big enough and clean enough just so you can have one. If you have Koi fish or goldfish in your pond, then you should keep some plants for their shade. However, if you want to put plants that are potted in the Koi pond, then you should wrap it in netting so that the fish are not able to dig in the pots. Yes, fish can dig – not like dogs can dig, but if you give them the chance, they’ll be scooping in those pots.