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This group is for the growing group of American blogs on Entrecard associated with the following topics: *Saving Money* *Coupons* *Freebies* *Sales* *Bargains* *Wise Spending* *Saving* *Household tips* *Sweepstakes* *Making Money Online* *Freelance Jobs* *Working At Home* *Blogging For Money* Please Note: This community is NOT for casual droppers. I am sick of opening hundreds of tabs each day to drop. I plan to use this community to drop every day and I'm looking for other bloggers who are DEDICATED droppers. Those who do not use the community to drop at least twice a week will be removed. The community widget must be present on page or it will be removed. This is for serious bloggers-- blogs that do not update at least once a week will be removed. This blog is for American, serious bloggers explocommunity topics of saving and making money. Only serious droppers and bloggers should apply. Those who do not match the description will not be accepted. This is for moneysaving/moneymaking blogs to work together for drops, comments, and readers. Let's help each other!

Enter Sweepstakes!
Tips to entecommunity and winning prizes in online sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests.

The Single Frugalton
A single woman trying to live simply and below her means.

Stretch Your Dollar
A stay home mom whose in search for you on Freebies, Sanvings, Codes and Deals.

Earning, Blogging, Tips and More
Bryan Karl dot Com is a blog about earning money by blogging. Tips are shared for bloggers to do good in the blogosphere.

Tips & Treasures
Household and green living tips, online coupon codes, organizational tools, freebies and anything else to help you save time, money, and sanity.