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Called to Cover is for any blogs belonging to Christian women that have felt the Holy Spirit's leading to cover their head. There is no place in this community for legalism or criticism towards those who do not cover. This is simply a resource, a place to connect and share your journey with other Christian women who have also been convicted in their own heart to obey 1 Corinthians 11. If you do not currently cover your head but God has stirred in your heart to look into this subject and blog about it; your blog is welcome too! **Please be aware that even being a Christian web-community, women in this group whose blogs are listed here will likely vary in their beliefs; as women who are Protestant, Baptist, Mennonite, Orthodox... etc. usually refer to themselves as Christian. As the blog owner, most would consider my beliefs that of a Baptist. If you believe Jesus is the son of God, who died on a cross (in your place) to pay the penalty for your sins and that salvation comes from believing in Him, repenting of your sins, and asking for forgiveness. Your blog listing is welcome here. Sincerely, "MommaJo" of Making Jesus My Pearl

Making Jesus My Pearl - pursuing Biblical Womanhood
Biblical womanhood & my journey to making Jesus my Pearl; turning away from the thinking of this world and finding my identity in Christ alone.

Those Headcovecommunitys
This is a blog that collects news and notes from the web about all kinds of headcovecommunitys. I am a Christian and cover my head for prayer and worship. I also began studying the worldwide and ages ...

Titus 2 Wife and Mommy
This is a site for Christian women to learn about Biblical womanhood, head covecommunity, parenting, marriage, modesty, and much more. I share my testimony and how Jesus has led me to wear modest and ...

That Was Then...This is Now
A covered Christian woman's journey seeking to become a woman of God, a virtous wife, and mother of children who continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

Frugal Abundance
Miss Maggie's blog. Christian womanhood, motherhood, homeschooling and stewardship. Also dietary treatment of autism and ADHD.

Ashley Weis
I want nothing more than to follow Jesus with all that I am and find all of the hidden jewels in life that are uncovered through life in Him. When His eyes roam this earth in search of a heart completely ...

Free to Cover
An Orthodox Christian woman blogs about head covecommunity.

Light and Good Order

Covecommunity in Cape Town
The blog started by focusing only her journey from changing the texture of her hair(via relaxers/chemical processing) to accepting it the way God designed it. The focus has changed to encompass her life-which ...

Abide and Endeavor
The blog of a headcovecommunity Orthodox Christian wife and mother who tries to abide in the will of God and endeavor to fulfill my station in life.

Raggedy Cottage Garden
A blog about every day simple living according to the scriptures. A Quiverfull, modest dressing, homebirthing, head covecommunity, hymn singing, Jesus loving, 1 century Christian living momma.

I Dream Of Writing For God

Tending to Truth
A blog about matters spiritual and personal, from headcovecommunity to homemaking.

Walking in His Footsteps
I'm a stay at home wife & mum of 3. I have recently been called to renew my relationship with our Lord, and he has led me to head covecommunity. I am learning to be submissive and live according to the ...

Today's Journey
My day to day journey with the Lord

In Modest Apparel
I'm a young mother who writes about the principles of modesty given in God's Word, and my own musings on plain, simple, godly living.

A Godly Homemaker
i believe wholeheartedly that a woman's place is in the home and i want this blog to represent that. i want to show how a woman's life is fulfilling by being a keeper at home, as God intended.

The Lord's Beautiful Things
I am a Christian wife and mother who is trying to figure out God's plan for my life, while trying to please God. I always believe that if i do what's right, God will do what's best. Jesus is my Savior, ...

A Woman's Place...
A Woman's Place Depends on her Vocation. I've been called by God to be a wife and mother and sometimes at nap time I get to share my thoughts, from my day to day life.

Being Sam's Mother
With the birth of my son, I was also born again- as a mother, as a woman, in a new avatar of wife, and most importantly, I was born again in Christ. Life According to Being Sam's Mom is about my journey ...

Will You Mantilla With Me?
This site is for Catholic women who wear the mantilla at mass! On any given Sunday at any Catholic church in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, one is likely to see women and girls dressed ...

Proverbs 31 Hands
Writings by a fiberista with a passion for God, kids, animals, permaculture, local commerce, hatching chicks and anything else I can learn that's new. I am married to the love of my life. I love to spin, ...