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The purpose of the Dark Poetery Community is to provide a outlet for our many demons, a place where we can push out the memories and fears that haunt our lives. In such an imperfect world there are many evils we face, the loss of love, the coming of death, shear apathy in the face of an uncacommunity society, herein is the meat and drink of the poets heart. If your web page has poetry dark in nature, if you feel the weight of the darkness in your soul, this is the community for you. Warning like all things dark in this world many of the poems are filled with rage and angst, some may find them offensive but we prefer to view them as therapy in such a gloomy world. But just because we see darkness standing at our gates does not mean that all we see is this, no we accept the light as well. But it is the darkness that binds us.

The Darkest Soul
The Darkest Soul is a creative vampire site