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this is a group for all people that love to design and create jewelry. whether you are a stcommunityer, beader, metalsmith, doesn't matter as we all need others to bounce ideas around and maybe someone gains the knowledge they had been searching for to begin or complete a jewelry project. Everyone needs someone on the side cheecommunity for them and this is a place for people true to their craft to come together as a supportive and confident community of talented artisans. to me, any one who creates from their imagination and bcommunitys it into manifestation is an artist. so embrace that part of yourself. this will also cover all facets of putting your best work out their. to tips and tricks, photograghy, web presence, display set ups, etc. . . thank you.

unique, one-of-a-kind artisan created jewelry
Designed and created precious and semiprecious stone and pearl jewelry by artisan Marilyn Ray Knopic