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This community is for sites, blogs etc that give its visitors a chance to put their views across on any given topic. These are sites where smart people go to argue.

Roadside memorials - Are they a nuisance?
Roadside memorials - Are they a nuisance? When there's a death on the roads whether it's a cyclist or a pedestrian, what usually follows is the placement of a roadside memorial. With cyclists it's a ghost ...

Game Consoles Vs PCs
Game consoles are better than PCs to play games! I would choose game consoles every time to play my video games on! Why? Because, they were built for it!

The Film Versus Digital Debate
Two different but similar ways to record your memories or your trips away but which one is better? There could be many reasons for using either film cameras or digital cameras but there has to be one ...

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox?
Which is better? Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Right, you've had plenty of time to download and install Google Chrome so now, you must have a pretty good idea of how it works and whether you prefer ...