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You can have it all these days thanks to the internet, including your very own airplane! This community is for all you aviation enthusiasts who love the thrill of flying Light Sport Aircraft.
Have a look around the community and Find Light Sport Aircraft for sale.Use this as a place to find parts and accessories as well. We've got a great selection of Used Low Cost Light Sport Aircraft and much more!

Light Sport Aircraft For Sale
If you're looking for a light sport aircraft for sale or used planes, then look no further. From aircraft sales to accessories, we have it all.

Buy A Light Sport Aircraft
You can buy a light sport aircraft as well as other planes and aviation items right here. The sky is the limit on the aircraft stuff you can get!

Light Sport Aircraft- Now You Can Be a Maverick Too!
Since Icarus tried to fly to the sun with his wings made from feathers and wax, man has not been happy to keep his feet steadily on Terra Firma. There are many ways for people to indulge in their need for speed and flight by partaking in Light Sport Aircraft activities. These types of craft have a special classification all of their own.

There are certain rules and regulations defining what a Light Sport Aircraft is and who can fly them--as there should be! Examples of this include having a maximum take-off weight and the craft cannot be used to land on any bodies of water…or random cornfields!  People who have a special Sport Pilot license can fly, as can private pilots even if their medical certificate has expired (as long as you have a valid driver's license you are good to go!). Getting the license is usually quite easy and can be done in a relatively short amount of time.

The aircraft themselves generally consist of one or two seats and must have a single non-turbine engine. A lot of enthusiasts are keen to build their own aircraft and you will find there are kits available for you to do so. There are a surprising number of models available to choose from and you can buy the aircraft already built. You are not even limited to mundane and boring colors- the sky is the limit with this great hobby choice. All this means that you can set yourself free and explore the skies sooner than you think—as long as you actually know how to fly what you build of course!

There are a lot of products in this niche that are available to buy on the internet, as well as lot of information to be had from fellow enthusiasts. You can buy the ready-to-build kits online, or many suppliers will have ready-made aircraft for sale. Some will even have used items that you can buy to get your feet off the ground at a really great price. As well as the aircraft itself (which is needed to fly funnily enough!), there are a lot of great accessories to be had too. Feel like Mr Cruise in Top Gun with a fantastic helmet complete with an intercom facility; or perhaps just buy some awesome shades and chew some chewing gum. Either way, once you have your aircraft you are a step closer to destroying those Russian Migs above the Hard Deck (well in your mind anyway).

Some of the better known auction-type websites will occasionally have second-hand aircraft for you to buy. You will certainly be able to find spare parts and accessories quite easily and often on these sites. There are also many independent suppliers to be found and there will be at least one who can help you with your specific make of craft, whether you need new parts or go faster stripes!

This hobby is a wonderful way to see the world in a different way and it is certainly a breathtaking experience. If Icarus was around today I'm quite sure he would try it out before reaching for that pot of wax.